"Then I saw the dance and I was like, 'And who's doing that?' " Schumer quips in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip

By Jodi Gugliemi
Updated November 06, 2015 12:15 PM

What’s a successful romantic comedy without an elaborate dance routine?

Well, if it were up to Amy Schumer, the finale of Trainwreck – out on home video Nov. 10 – would have gone down a lot differently.

“I originally wanted the movie to end where I came out dressed as a mascot,” Schumer, 34, reveals in an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of Trainwreck. “And I just kind of danced around a little bit as this mascot and maybe jumped through a flaming hoop and caught on fire.”

But as the cast ran though a reading of the script, director Judd Apatow had a different idea of how Schumer’s character could win back her sports-medicine doctor boyfriend – with an epic dance routine.

“My idea is that she does, like, a whole routine, like a very elaborate routine – it’s a big dance sequence and somehow she is just really terribly injured,” suggests Apatow as Schumer sits besides him clearly baffled and concerned.

“And I was, like, ‘Because I do not dance?’ ” she says.

To help her learn the dance, Schumer attended the auditions to find the girls who would portray the famous Knicks City Dancers who’d bust a move with the comedian in the final scene.

As if Schumer wasn’t already concerned with the new finale idea, she then saw the choreography.

“I saw the dance and I was like, ‘And who’s doing that?’ ” she says.

And thus, the hilarious, touching ending of Trainwreck was born.