The meteoric funnylady is a Force of comedy in a cheeky new GQ spread

Credit: Mark Seliger

There’s been a great disturbance in the Force: Princess Leia’s metal bikini has been pilfered.

The culprit? Miss Trainwreck herself, Amy Schumer.

The ribald, button-pushing comedian slips into the Star Wars heroine’s iconic duds for a sidesplitting photo shoot in the latest issue of GQ. And needless to say, the pics have R2-D2 practically beep-booping his gizmos out.

In one snap, Schumer, 34, gets cozy in bed with the droid and his trusty sidekick C-3PO, in a racy boudoir bonanza that literally has C-3PO all fired up.

In another, the actress dances on a bar with enough human and otherworldly denizens to put Tatooine’s sinister Mos Eisley Cantina to shame.

She also can-cans with Stormtroopers onstage and does all manner of unspeakable acts to lightsabers not in the Jedi handbook.

It’s just par for the course for the irreverent, white-hot comedian, who is on the cusp of breaking out big time with her upcoming film Trainwreck, which had its world premiere Tuesday in New York City and opens in theaters Friday.

“I will joke about things you like and I will joke about things you aren’t comfortable with. And that’s okay,” the Comedy Central star recently Tweeted about her risqué brand of comedy.

“I am not going to start joking about safe material,” she added.

Roger that. Just ask the droids.