By Alexia Fernández
Updated September 13, 2016 12:00 PM
Credit: GP Images/WireImage

Amy Adams heats up the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet again – and she’s got her secret weapon with her.

The star, wearing a striking scarlet Alexander McQueen gown with a jeweled collar, made yet another major appearance, this time for the Arrivals premiere.

Not visible? Her shoes, but we can guess that they’re a platform heel. “I love a platform,” she told PEOPLE at the festival. “In fashion, out of fashion, I love a platform because I have short legs. If I’m wearing a gown, underneath are the most shockingly-high platform sandals. You learn to walk in them! ”

The five-time Oscar nominee is promoting two films that are already attracting award season buzz.

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Arrival tells the story of Dr. Louise Banks (Adams), a linguist recruited by the military to understand the language of alien visitors. Jeremy Renner plays Dr. Ian Connelly, a theoretical physicist who winds up working with Banks.

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“She didn’t feel strange to me,” Adams told reporters at the press conference for the film. “She felt like every woman I know who’s struggling with hard things, who’s working through personal issues while also heading out into the world and handling life and work,” said Adams. “It’s a constant balance. It’s a constant juggling act.”

Early reviews out of the festival are overwhelmingly positive, praising Adams’ performance and director Denis Villeneuve.

Arrival opens in theaters on Nov. 11.