The singer may be eyeing an Oscar nomination with her latest song for Big Eyes

By Jeff Nelson
December 03, 2014 05:25 PM
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

With her haunting lyrics and generally weird vibe, it was only a matter of time before Lana Del Rey teamed up with Tim Burton, right?

The “Summertime Sadness” singer penned two tunes for the director’s upcoming biopic Big Eyes, and the first dropped on Yahoo! Movies on Monday.

Sharing the title of the movie, the “Big Eyes” lyric video finds the singer’s ethereal voice soaring through her characteristically dramatic lyrics – “With your big eyes, and your big lies Is it me, was I wrong to have trusted you? / Did I see what I wanted, what wasn’t true?” – while, on the screen, Amy Adams‘s character’s career and marriage go from perfect to cracked.

Adams stars as famous ’50s painter Margaret Keane, whose life was uprooted when her husband Walter (Christoph Waltz) took credit for her artwork.

“Big Eyes” appears during the film, while another track, “I Can Fly,” will play over the end credits.

This work isn’t Del Rey’s first for film, of course. She recently contributed a rework of “Once Upon a Dream” for Disney’s Maleficent and recorded “Young and Beautiful” for The Great Gatsby. Many believed the Ultraviolence artist was snubbed by the Academy for the latter original ballad, which earned ample airplay.

There’s already talk of Del Rey entering the next Oscar race with her latest soundtrack contributions, but only time will tell.

“Tim showed her the film, and she fell in love with it,” Larry Karaszewski, one of the film’s producers, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Lana’s song expresses what Margaret is feeling so perfectly, it’s like a soliloquy of her inner thoughts.”