Some of Hollywood's biggest stars have a declaration: "I stand with immigrants"


Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are making a powerful declaration: “I stand with immigrants.”

America Ferrera, Uzo Aduba, George Takei and more have participated in a moving new PSA to celebrate immigrants in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month.

The stars, including Jason Sudeikis and Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer together recited “I stand, Because I am…” written by poet and actor Lemon Andersen.

America Ferrera

“We all stand here together with our hands open,” Ferrera, 33, began. Aduba continued her words: “Stretched out under this beautiful, boundless, American sky. We stand here and celebrate the glories of our nation.”

Takei, 80, Ferrera and Aduba, 36, continued the poetic address, noting that immigrants came to America with their hands outstretched, “waiting for a hammer and nail; a shovel and rake; a basket and fruit; a dish to wash; a class to teach; a child to raise; a business to build and a cure for the sick.”

The stars vowed to continue to carve a path for immigrants and “make the road for those ahead,” Glazer, 30, said.

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The star-studded video marked the start of Immigrant Heritage Month and its latest campaign “I Am An Immigrant.”

In a statement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the month as an “opportunity for everyone to celebrate that immigration has always been an incredible source of strength and to celebrate our shared immigrant heritage.”“The important contributions that immigrants have made and will continue to make are a foundation for our nation and strong communities,” he said.