America Ferrera Reveals the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' Cast Has a Text Thread

The Sisterhood is just one text away for America Ferrera

America Ferrera just revealed she’s part of the coolest text thread ever!

The Superstore actress appeared on Busy Tonight where she explained how she goes to her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costars for parenting advice — and they do it all on their phones.

“We have a text thread. Breaking news! There is a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants text thread,” Ferrera told host Busy Philipps. “I go to them for for everything.”

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Ferrera and her costars — Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn — have stayed close ever since starring in the 2005 movie. And the four constantly rely on each other to get through life’s obstacles.

“That’s the thing about being a woman in community — nothing we’ve done is new and there’s no reason why we have to feel so isolated and alone in it,” Ferrera said. “We’re all having such similar experiences, but you can’t know it if you don’t build community and you don’t build relationships.”

Ferrea has opened up about their special bond before, including at the MAKERS conference last year.

“My friends, my mentors, they have helped me through every single moment, and they make everything that much better when there’s something to celebrate,” said the 34-year-old actress when asked how Bledel, 37, Lively, 31, and Tamblyn, 35, have lifted her up.

“If something is hard, and I need to get through — when I have doubts, when I get tired, when I feel like I just can’t do it today — I look up, and there’s my friend using her voice, there’s my friend breaking boundaries, there’s my friend doing something that terrifies her. It helps me keep going,” she continued.

WATCH: It’s Really Happening! Alexis Bledel Says Third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Is in the Works

And the foursome might be reuniting soon for a third movie. Bledel revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last year that a followup to the hit 2005 and 2008 films might actually be happening after years of rumors.

“We don’t get to see each other a lot because everybody’s work or family and everything, but when everybody is in town we do, and we just pitched a third movie and I hope it comes together,” Bledel told the late-night show host. “It would be so great.”

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

The movies — based on the novel series of the same name — follow the adventures of four best friends who share a pair of magical jeans that fit each of them.

Back in 2016, Lively told Jess Cagle, editorial director of PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, that there was “a strong chance there might be a third [movie].”

Added the Gossip Girl star during the Jess Cagle Interview: “The four of us are still best friends. To be able to create something together again has always been a dream of ours.”

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