Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp 'Nearly Suffocated' Her – Plus More Bombshells from Her Court Filing

Amber Heard filed a defamation lawsuit against comedian Doug Stanhope on Friday

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit against comedian Doug Stanhope includes a litany of shocking accusations against Depp and his publicity team.

In the court filing obtained by PEOPLE, she claims that Stanhope and other unnamed defendants “orchestrated a plot to write an article, which was published at, which falsely accuses plaintiff Amber Heard of ‘blackmail’ and other criminal behavior towards her husband, Johnny Depp, from whom she is seeking a divorce.”

The actress calls the claims “completely false and defamatory” and says that they have caused her “tremendous harm.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Heard says she plans to donate all of the proceeds of the lawsuit to a domestic violence charity in Arizona – the state where Stanhope resides and where the documents were filed.

The following are the three biggest bombshells Heard alleges in her lawsuit:

Johnny’s Alleged Cycle of Abuse

The court documents give a detailed account of Depp’s allegedly violent behavior, which Heard claims was fueled by drugs and alcohol.

“During the course of his relationship with Heard, Depp has repeatedly been physically and verbally abusive towards her,” the documents read.

“Depp has hit and kicked Heard on numerous occasions, has thrown objects at her, at one point nearly suffocated her to the point where she feared for her life.

She Says Depp Is ‘An Alcoholic and Drug Addict’

“Depp is an alcoholic and drug addict, and these violent episodes occurred mostly after Depp had relapsed into a cycle of substance abuse. His drug and alcohol abuse has increased dramatically in recent years, as has his violent behavior.”

She Says She Loved Him and Repeatedly Tried to Save the Relationship

Throughout their relationship, Heard claims she left Depp due to his alleged problems with violence and addiction on numerous occasions, only to return in hope of salvaging the relationship.

“Heard repeatedly returned to Depp, despite his verbal and physical mistreatment of her, hoping optimistically that the man she married would change his behavior,” the documents state. “Each time Heard returned, however, within months, the cycle of substance abuse and violence repeated.”

Later, the documents reiterate her commitment to working things out. “[Heard] gave him numerous chances to change his behavior, and end the cycle of alcoholism, drug abuse, and physical and verbal abuse of her,” the document states. “Yet Depp would not and has not changed his behavior, precipitating Heard to file for divorce and seek a restraining order.”

A ‘Coordinated, Malicious’ Publicity Campaign

Heard alleges that since she filed for divorce, Depp has gone to great lengths to publicly discredit her. In the documents, she claims that a “publicity tour” coordinated by Depp and “his powerful representatives” have spread numerous false statements about her to the press.

“As a result of this coordinated, malicious campaign, a number of news organizations have repeated these false statements, disparaging Heard and harming her public reputation and career.”

She goes on to claim that Depp’s team, including Stanhope, knew that the information they disseminated was false, and “did not care, because their only concern was helping Depp by trashing the reputation of his wife, who loved Depp, even though she had been repeatedly physically and verbally abused by him.”

In court documents responding to Heard’s initial court filing for a temporary restraining order, Depp’s attorney, Laura Wasser, alleged that Heard “is attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.”

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