Amber Heard speaks out to Marie Claire on how her life has changed since marrying Johnny Depp earlier this year

Credit: Boe Marion

Amber Heard is aware of the negative rumors about her marriage to Johnny Depp, but she tries not to let them faze her.

In her new cover interview for the December issue of Marie Claire, the 29-year-old actress admits that the speculation surrounding her romance with the 52-year-old star hasn’t been easy.

“I try not to react to the horrible misrepresentation of our lives, but it is strange, and hard,” she says.

Heard, who posed in high-waisted briefs, a blazer and not much else for the magazine, was married Depp in February. The couple first met on the set of 2011’s The Rum Diary when Depp was still with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

Paradis and Depp split in 2012, and Heard and the actor were engaged in January 2014.

With the marriage, Heard became a stepmom to Depp’s two children with Paradis: Lily-Rose, 16, and Jack, 13.

“[It’s] an honor and the greatest, most surprising gift I have ever received in my life,” Heard says of step-parenting the teenagers.

The role, she says, has introduced “new flavors” into her life that she “didn’t know” existed.

“New colors that I didn’t know existed have been added to my life,” she continues. “I’m so happy.”

Through all the personal changes, The Danish Girl actress says she’s still retained a strong work ethic.

“You respect what it takes to earn it [money], and it also gives you a certain resilience, because it minimizes this false notion that that’s what matters,” she says. “I know that to not be true, and I know I’m fine without it. That’s why maybe I’m so independent. I never expect anyone to give me anything – the notion of someone supporting me would be absurd to me.”

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The December issue of Marie Claire hits newsstands on Nov. 17.