She Sings and Strums! Amber Heard Shows Off Musical Chops in 'One More Time' Exclusive Clip

The actress plays the aspiring rock star daughter of Christopher Walken's has-been crooner in the heartwarming film, out April 8


Could a duet with husband Johnny Depp‘s band The Hollywood Vampires be in Amber Heard‘s future?

In an exclusive clip from her upcoming film One More Time, Heard, sporting minimal makeup and a head of long, light pink hair, croons a bittersweet song about her “poor ludicrous heart” while strumming along on a guitar.

And if Heard’s soulful performance doesn’t convince you of her musical prowess, just take it from her husband.

“We connect on a lot of levels, but the first thing that really got me was she’s an aficionado of the blues,” Depp recently said of his wife of one year. “I would play a song, some old obscure blues song, and she knew what it was.”

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In the film, Heard, 29, plays Jude, an aspiring rock star who is forced to move back to her family’s house in the Hamptons after getting evicted from her apartment. While there, she reluctantly reconnects with her father, played by Christopher Walken, a Sinatra-esque singer attempting to make a comeback.

The heartwarming movie arrives in theaters and On Demand on April 8.

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