"Her motives will be questioned and her truth ignored," Heard wrote of domestic abuse victims who speak out

By Stephanie Petit
Updated December 13, 2016 12:41 PM
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Amber Heard is opening up about her experiences with domestic abuse in a moving open letter addressed to her “silent sisters everywhere” going through similar ordeals.

The 30-year-old actress, who is in the process of finalizing her divorce from Johnny Depp, penned a powerful essay in Porter magazine‘s December issue.

Although Heard doesn’t mention her ex in the letter, she explained the challenges many women face when they come forward with accounts of domestic violence.

“Let’s start with the truth — the cold, hard truth. When a woman comes forward to speak out about injustice or her suffering, instead of aid, respect and support, she will be met with hostility, skepticism and shame,” she wrote. “Her motives will be questioned and her truth ignored.”

Heard continued by addressing her dissatisfaction with being classified as a “victim.”

“I was raised to be independent and self-reliant. I was never given nor wanted the burden of dependency,” she said. “I never felt like anyone would or could rescue me, so naturally I resented the label of ‘victim.’ ”

She continued, “You, like me, see yourself not as a victim but rather as a member of a growing class of women, daughters of a generation of equality. We have inherited far too much to be resigned to accept injustice and together we are much too strong to excuse it any longer.”

Heard reminded those in abusive relationships that they are not alone and that they have supporters standing behind them who understand what they’re going through.

Porter Magazine
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Heard’s letter comes just weeks after she partnered with the #GirlGaze Project for a new video about domestic violence, in which shares her personal story.

Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp in May after 15 months of marriage, claiming in court filings that the 53-year-old actor had abused her throughout their relationship.

In court documents responding to Heard’s initial court filing, Depp’s attorney alleged that Heard was “attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.”

In August, the two reached a divorce settlement, with Depp agreeing to pay Heard $7 million. Heard has committed to donating the full amount to charities.