The actress's memorial service was held on Saturday


Amanda Peterson‘s family held a memorial service for the late star on Saturday, honoring the actress through a touching video that encompasses her brief but impactful Hollywood career.

Peterson died suddenly last week at the age of 43 in her hometown of Greeley, Colorado.

In the photo and video montage shared through Facebook by family member Jim Peterson, the blonde beauty is shown throughout her younger years, as well as in some of her most iconic roles, including 1987’s Can’t Buy Me Love.

Vintage photos, accompanied by Eddie Vedder’s “Rise,” show a smiling and bubbly star alongside her family. Peterson made her Hollywood debut in 1982’s Annie and went on to guest-star on numerous TV shows, many of which are shown in the memorial clip.

The actress, who made her final on-screen appearance in 1994’s Windrunner before leaving Hollywood, struggled with drug addiction in her later life, according to her mother.

Between 2000 and 2012, Peterson repeatedly faced legal troubles and was arrested five times. Most recently, she was arrested on May 3, 2012, for both a DUI and possession of narcotic equipment.

“She was our Mandy and I loved her no matter what,” Tawnya Bowie, a longtime friend of Peterson told PEOPLE. “People always have a past; no one is ever perfect.”