September 25, 2017 03:33 PM

Amal Clooney penned an article for HuffPost to bring attention to the United Nations security council unanimously approving a resolution to help Iraq build war crimes cases against Islamic terrorist groups. George Clooney’s other half has been urging the U.N. to pass this resolution for more than a year.

“The resolution is a rare show of unity for the council and provides a global response to ISIS that extends beyond the battlefield to include a commitment to punishing individuals through the courts,” Clooney wrote in the piece, published Friday.

“It is a major victory for ISIS victims, who have bravely campaigned for justice and waited too long for a chance to see their tormentors in the dock.”


In spring of 2016, the 39-year-old human rights lawyer began working as counsel to Yazidis survivors, an Iraqi ethnic and religious minority group who have been victims of genocide by Islamic State fighters since 2014.

One of the survivors represented by Clooney is Nadia Murad, who was enslaved and raped by ISIS militants in Iraq at the age of 21. Murad has since become the U.N.’s ambassador on human trafficking.

“Nadia cannot understand why, even though the genocide began over three years ago, no ISIS member has been put on trial for it,” Clooney wrote. “Instead, evidence has been disappearing every day: witnesses have fled, medical evidence has been lost and documents have been destroyed. Mass graves, including the one where Nadia believes her mother is buried, have been exposed to contamination. Unless evidence is properly collected now, justice will forever remain out of reach. This is why the Security Council’s intervention is so critical: not just for the Yazidis but for all victims of ISIS’s brutality.”

Clooney also began acting as legal counsel for nonprofit Yazda, which supports the same cause. All her efforts aim to secure accountability for international crimes against members of the Yazidi community, who reside in Iraq and Syria. These brutal crimes include “genocide, mass executions, sexual enslavement and trafficking, recruitment of child soldiers and forced displacement,” according to Yazda.

Clooney previously addressed the U.N. on International Women’s Day this year, calling members of the U.N. to action.

“My message to you was that ISIS is a global threat, which requires a global response,”Clooney said to the U.N. on March 8. “And that the response should not be limited to the battlefield: the U.N. should also investigate ISIS’ crimes and make sure that those responsible are brought to justice.”

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