Allison Williams Encourages a Woman to Cut Her Arm Off in Terrifying Trailer for 'The Perfection'

The Perfection hits Netflix May 24

The Perfection Allison Williams Netflix
Photo: Netflix

Allison Williams is back to take over your nightmares.

The actress, 31, stars in Netflix’s The Perfection, a provocative thriller about a troubled musician who seeks out the new star pupil of her former school. And if the trailer’s anything to go by, Williams brings the same chilling terror she inflicted on audiences in the 2017 hit Get Out.

The trailer starts with Williams’ Charlotte walking with Elizabeth (Dear White People‘s Logan Browning) as the young musician is freaking out. She keeps repeating that she’s burning up and feels like she’s gonna die.

Williams tries to calm her down by saying they’ll get help, but Browning gets more and more hysterical until she looks down and see what appears to be bugs crawling under the skin of her right forearm. After Browning throws up what seems to be more bugs, things get even stranger when Williams gives her the only option she has left — a butcher knife to cut her arm off.

“You know what you have to do,” Williams chillingly says while holding up the knife.

The Perfection Allison Williams Netflix
The Perfection. Netflix

The rest of the trailer flashes by in a series of concerning images while a hectic orchestral score plays. It’s clear that Williams and Browning will have to reckon with Williams’ obsession and perversion that might just lead to a few injuries — or worse.

“You know what happens now,” a man’s voice tells a scared looking Williams at the end.

The Perfection hits Netflix May 24.

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