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The trio – alongside their younger brother Frankie – will costar with a flatulent dog

October 28, 2008 07:25 AM

Brace yourselves, Disney fans. The Jonas Brothers are about to get bigger than ever!

The teen pop stars have signed on to make their big screen debut in Walter The Farting Dog, the trade journal Variety reports.

The boys will appear alongside their younger brother Frankie – sometimes known as the “Bonus Jonas” – in the film, which is scheduled to start shooting in Spring 2009.

Based on a bestselling series of books by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray, the movie casts the teen heartthrobs as musicians whose sickly great-aunt asks them to care for her stupendously smelly canine companion.

“By the time they’ve driven the dog home, everybody’s head is out the window of the family station wagon,” said Peter Farrelly – half of the famous Farrelly Brothers directing team – who has been closely involved in developing the film. “But Frankie has a serious sinus problem and doesn’t notice the stench coming from Walter.”

So while his siblings provide the music, Frankie and the gaseous pooch get involved in a series of family-friendly adventures, eventually thwarting a team of jewel thieves.

This may be their first major movie, but Nick, Joe and Kevin are certainly no strangers to the camera. Their TV flick Camp Rock was a mega-hit, and they’re now preparing for their own Disney series, J*O*N*A*S.

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