Richard Gere has found love again with new wife Alejandra Silva, and now they're going to have a baby!

By Ale Russian
September 16, 2018 06:52 PM
Credit: Gabriel Maseda/NurPhoto via Getty

Richard Gere has found love again with new wife Alejandra Silva, and now they’re going to have a baby!

On Sunday, the 35-year-old activist announced in a photo with Gere, 69, and the Dalai Lama, 83, that the couple is expecting their first child together. (Gere has 18-year-old son Homer James Jigme with ex-wife Carey Lowell, 57, while Silva has a 5½-year-old son named Albert from a previous marriage.)

In April, the actor married the Spanish activist in a secret ceremony after first reconnecting in 2014 and dating since then. The two live together in New York and often pose together for her Instagram in sweet photos.

A source close to the couple told PEOPLE at the time that the two were “extraordinarily happy.”

“They’re so comfortable with each other, have fun together and are looking forward to their future together,” the insider told PEOPLE.

Gere and Silva kept the celebration going in May, throwing a wedding party on Cinco de Mayo at Gere’s estate in Pound Ridge, New York. A source told PEOPLE that the couple, both Buddhists, welcomed several Tibetan monks to the celebration.

Read on for what we know about Gere’s third wife.

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They’ve known each other since she was young

Silva believes the universe is on her side when it comes to her relationship with the Pretty Woman star. The activist told Hola! in 2015 that Gere had been a family friend and they had known each other for over a decade. Silva said they were immediately attracted to each other the moment they reconnected years later.

“Our karma was attracted the moment we saw each other,” she said. “I’m not ignoring our age difference and what it means to be with a Hollywood star, but when there’s such a strong karmic energy, the problems disappear.”

Her dad is a successful businessman and soccer club VP

Silva’s dad, Ignacio Silva Botas, was the Vice President of Spanish soccer club Real Madrid from 1995-2000. Before that, Botas was a successful businessman who moved his family to Madrid when Silva was a child.

Silva ran in Madrid’s elite circles while she was young and attended some of the top private schools in the city. She also was close to Real Madrid players due to her dad’s affiliation and was romantically linked to player Roberto Carlos.

She runs a foundation to combat homelessness in Spain

Silva runs Rais Fundacion, a non-profit aiming to eradicate homelessness in Spain in five years (the word rais means roots in Spanish). The activist often speaks about her mission and told Hola! back in 2015 that she has gone method to understand the problems homeless people face in her country.

“I’ve slept on the street to understand the struggle of the homeless,” Silva said. “I’m not scared of rolling up my sleeves and diving into work. If I do something, I put 100% effort in. If I can’t I’d rather not do it.”

Activism is a common passion the newly married couple share. The foundation hosted a screening of Gere’s movie The Dinner in December 2017 and he often attends events benefitting Rais with Silva. She told Hola! that Gere’s philanthropic instinct is one of the things that draws her to the actor.

“What I love most about him is his humanitarian side. He’s a very empathetic person,” she said.

She has a son from her previous marriage

Just like Gere, Silva has a son from her last marriage. She welcomed 5-year-old Albert in December 2012 with ex-husband Govin Friedland, the son of American billionaire Robert Martin Friedland. The couple used to reside in Italy with their son until divorcing in 2014.

Silva opened up about her long-distance relationship with Gere in 2015, revealing that the two would see each other when their kids were with their exes.

“It’s hard to coordinate, but we don’t go more than 20 days without seeing each other,” she told Hola!.

Silva has since moved to New York to live with Gere, where she posts pictures of the family out on walks. She even posted an adorable shot of Gere walking with Albert on his shoulders.

The two often get cozy on her Instagram

Silva’s Instagram is filled with loving shots of the two amidst her posts about her humanitarian work.

“So grateful to have you in my life, extraordinary and special human being, you have [shaken] my life, making me see what is really important. Undeniable! love you with all my heart,” she wrote about her now-husband.