Alison Brie Streaks Through Hotel Corridor'' and Surprises Husband Dave Franco: 'I've Done 3 Laps'

A self-proclaimed "big streaker," Alison Brie eased her husband Dave Franco's pre-premiere nerves with one of her favorite activities — being nude

Alison Brie and Dave Franco arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Prime Video's "Somebody I Used To Know"
Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Alison Brie loves being in the nude!

The actress, 40, shared a video on Instagram Wednesday, in which she can be seen running naked through a hotel corridor before surprising her husband, Dave Franco, in an attempt to ease his anxiety about the premiere of their new film, Somebody I Used to Know.

"Happy premiere night!" Brie says in the clip, as Franco, 37, opens the door to their hotel room, thinking his wife is still in the shower.

"Get out of the hall!" Franco then replies, shaking his head at his streaker wife, who responds, "I've done three laps already!"

"What to do when your husband is feeling anxious about his movie premiere… 😏 #SomebodyIUsedToKnow is streaming NOW on @primevideo," Brie captioned the post.

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A self-proclaimed "big streaker", Brie's love of being nude is nothing new to her husband, though he's a little less comfortable with it than she is.

"I've spent years talking Dave into accepting my comfort with nudity," she recently told PEOPLE of her hobby. "He's comfortable with me being nude at our home, but in public, he's more averse to it."

It's something she's been doing since her college days, she said of the "hilarious" activity. "I'm a very comfortable naked person."

That love made its way into the couple's new Amazon Prime Video movie, which sees Brie streaking across a golf course in one scene.

Though she said the movie plays with "rom-com tropes" rather than feeding into them, and is not based on her and Franco's own relationship, Brie said that including the streaking scene in the film was definitely her idea.

"A big part of the foundation of this story was drawing from aspects of our real lives in oblique ways: our personalities, our sense of humor," she said. "And also in specific ways, like the fact that I did streak when I was younger and I'm always trying to tap back into that spirit that I had in college, that freedom."

Somebody I Used to Know - BTS
Andrew Casey/Prime Video

In Somebody I Used to Know, Brie plays Allie, a big-city reality TV show producer who returns to her hometown in Washington where she runs into her ex-boyfriend Sean (Insecure's Jay Ellis). As she begins to feel a spark again, she learns he's engaged to be married to free-spirited Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons).

The idea came to her and Franco during a pre-pandemic trip to visit Franco's family in Palo Alto, California. "That was when we birthed the idea," Brie said. "We sort of just tossed around ideas about being back in your hometown and also about the one that got away and people's amnesia when it comes to relationships and breakups and why those things happen."

Once they finally got around to filming the movie, post-pandemic, Brie said that she loved working with her "astonishing" husband again.

"I've always known that he is an incredibly kind, genuine, curious person, but seeing him in action as a director and the way that he collaborates with the crew, it makes me fall in love with him every time, all over again," she told PEOPLE. "I know it sounds so cheesy."

"He just really digs the collaboration element to filmmaking, and I think he brings out the best in everyone around him, and then lets them also do their thing and lets them shine and take ownership of every department," Brie added. "And it becomes such a great vibe on set."

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