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Alicia Silverstone is no stranger to playing a female superhero, having thrown on a cape to fight crime as Batgirl in 1997’s Batman & Robin. And in a recent interview, the actress says she’s “confused” by hype that singles out Wonder Woman for its portrayal of a strong female lead.

“Before Wonder Woman, there have been many movies with female leads. So I get a little confused about the conversation,” she said about the movie, which stars Gal Gadot, during a chat with Variety published June 21. “What about all those wonderful comedians who are females who have had massive hits? There was Bridesmaids ... Over the years, there was Mean Girls, there was Clueless — over the time we have had … so many movies that have been female-driven.”

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman
Clay Enos/Warner Brothers

“I feel like as an audience member, there’s tons of female-interesting things for me to follow,” she added — praising TV shows like The Good Wife for their contribution to telling female-driven stories and showcasing strong female characters.

Alicia Silverstone

Silverstone is set to appear in the Paramount Network series American Woman, which is based on the life of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards. In it, Silverstone plays a single mother in the 1970s who’s fighting for progress.

“My character loses everything and is completely dependent on her husband. That generation — you [couldn’t] have a checking account without a man, you [couldn’t] do anything without your man. You [were] nothing,” she explained. “It’s really interesting because I think in 2017, ‘Oh, that was so long ago.’ The ’70s sound too recent, like it wouldn’t be like that. But it actually was.”

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Silverstone said that ultimately, she hopes audiences will be able to appreciate female-driven films of all kinds, including those that tell intimate stories.

“Sometimes it’s just the quieter, more interesting things that get seen because they touch someone enough,” she said.

American Woman premieres in 2018 on Paramount Network.

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