The comedian says "it's terrifying" that her preteen daughters are growing up
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It might seem that funny woman Ali Wentworth, 50, has it all together with her second book, Happily Ali After, coming out in June.

But with her daughters Harper, 9, and Elliot, 12, approaching the dreaded teen years, mom Wentworth is feeling the anxiety.

“Well, I’ve upped my meds,” Wentworth jokes about her kids’ impending teenhood at the Literacy Partners Annual Evening of Readings and Gala Dinner Dance in New York City on Tuesday.

Luckily, Wentworth has a tried and true arsenal of literary support for the upcoming years.

“I just got this book Queen Bees and Wannabes because I want to be prepared,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s terrifying, but I feel like with Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret – and some wine for me – we’re going to get through it.”

Perhaps Wentworth’s anxiety is influenced by memories of her own wild teenage years.

“I was a little rebellious, but I was sent away to boarding school so it was all done outside of the house,” she says of her own teen years.

Her family’s future antics are “terrifying” to her, but Wentworth’s candid comedy gives her clan, including husband George Stephanopoulos, 54, plenty of scares too.

“I’ll talk about menopause until the cows come home, so that’s not a problem,” she said of the “honest” stories in her new book.

While they might not appreciate her documented hormone changes, Wentworth’s daughters have a lot to be proud of when it comes to their mom.

The comic braved, and succeeded in, a not-too-long-ago Hollywood that was less than receptive to female funny people.

“A while ago, certainly 15 years ago when I was in L.A., all I heard was women not funny, women not funny. But I think Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, a lot of people, have changed that completely, thank God,” Wentworth said.

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