Alexandra Daddario Says Working on Pandemic Thriller Songbird amid COVID Times 'Was Surreal'

The Michael Bay-produced thriller, set two years into the future, also stars Demi Moore, Craig Robinson and KJ Apa

Alexandra Daddario
Photo: David Livingston/WireImage

Alexandra Daddario is opening up about what it was like to shoot a pandemic-themed film amid the currently ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The actress, 34, stars in the upcoming Michael Bay-produced film, Songbird, set in the year 2022 when a familiar lockdown is re-implemented following the mutation of an even more infectious virus. The film follows Riverdale's KJ Apa playing a delivery man with a rare immunity, allowing him to carry out his work as an essential worker amid the virus outbreak.

"It was a cool experience ... it was the first thing I got to do all year after being in the house and I felt really lucky to get back to work, but [the film] is definitely something that wouldn't have come around if it hadn't been for this period of time," Daddario tells PEOPLE. "It's an interesting experience to work during this time because you can't have close contact with the people you're working with."

"It was very surreal," she adds. "I think all of us can say that this period of time is so surreal anyway and then going into a workplace that is just now so different, where you have a line of people getting tests — it definitely feels really surreal."

The pandemic thriller, which also stars Demi Moore, Craig Robinson and Bradley Whitford, made headlines in July as it became the first film to shoot in Los Angeles since Hollywood productions were halted due to the pandemic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Working on sets with all the new COVID rules has become a new way of life for actors like Daddario.

"I've worked a couple of times as things have started to come back and I've had a lot of tests and the protocols are very strict," says Daddario, who is currently in Hawaii shooting her new show, The White Lotus. "Every production I have been on — everyone has been so great about making sure we're all safe."

Prior to returning to work, the Baywatch star was quarantining like the rest of the world. The actress says she isolated at her L.A. home with a few friends.

"It's been difficult, but I feel really lucky. I had two great girlfriends I quarantined with and we all supported each other, but it's nice to see people get back to work. But for everybody, it's definitely overwhelming," she says.

Though one thing that made quarantine all the better? Staying at home with her pup, Levon.

"I didn't have pets growing up, so Levon is my first dog and I got him six years ago when he was 2," the San Andreas actress says. "I've fallen in love with him. Just the idea that my little dog was in the shelter and so scared, I think that encouraging people to go adopt a dog is great."

Being a life-long animal lover and a pet advocate, the actress is now helping those animals in need of a home by partnering with Subaru to help spread awareness for shelter pets, just in time for National Make a Dog’s Day on Thursday.

The Subaru Loves Pets initiative has helped over 230,000 pets across the country and invites dog lovers to honor the national day by doing something special for a pup — whether it's visiting a shelter or taking a dog in for the day. With Subaru, the star also hopes to bring attention to the "Underdogs," who are the last-to-be-adopted shelter dogs including older dogs and those with special needs or physical challenges.

"These dogs are so wonderful and bring so much joy into my life and others live, so if you decide to do something nice for a dog this month, this is the month to do it," Daddario says.

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