Alexandra Daddario on Her Teen Years: 'I Could Never Really Get Guys, Now I Feel Like I'm Getting Revenge'

Prepping for a film that has so many iconic bodies attached to its history was not easy either — it took a lot of discipline

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In the dating world, it doesn’t get much better than being a Baywatch babe. At least that’s the case for Alexandra Daddario, one of the female stars of the much-buzzed-about big screen reboot of the popular TV series.

“It feels really surreal — as a teenager I could never really get guys and I was pretty nerdy,” Daddario told PEOPLE at the Slowmo Marathon in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday morning. “Now I feel like I’m getting my revenge by being a Baywatch babe. I’m like, ‘You could have had this and now look at me.’ ”

The star, who admits that she’s dating right now, also revealed what she was looking for in a partner: “It’s hard. I just want to date someone nice. Like everyone else, I want to be happy so that’s what I’m looking for.”

Prepping for a film that has so many iconic bodies attached to its history was not easy either — it took a lot of discipline.

“I had a bad ice cream habit that I cut out, and I did start weight training which was something I had never done before,” the 31-year-old actress said. “I was scared of bulking up too much, but it actually made a huge difference in my body and I feel a lot better now. I love the way that [resistance training] makes me feel and look afterwards. It’s helped my posture and if you stand up straight, you look better.”

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The infamous Baywatch slow-motion run looked all the better after her new diet and exercise regime, even though doing it right is mostly all in one’s head, according to the actress.

“We don’t do it in slow-mo, we do it in real time and then they slow it down,” Daddario said. “You have to focus and you can’t let your face look ridiculous, so you are focused on looking sexy and determined at the same time. It’s sort of a weird version of a run.”


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As for the highly coveted part where she gets to work with Zac Efron, the actress said that more than anything he cracked her up.

“He’s really funny! We had the opportunity to improv some of our scenes and the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so funny,” she said. “Just like ridiculous dick jokes you will see when you see the film. It’s fun. You get to say whatever pops into your head and then they can edit around the stuff that’s way to raunchy.”

So what was the raunchiest part?

“You’ll be seeing probably more penises than you will boobs,” she joked, adding proudly, “I feel great about that. I love it.”

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