The Hummingbird Project is in theaters Friday

By Ale Russian
March 11, 2019 11:49 AM

Alexander Skarsgård is looking to be as fast the one flap of a hummingbird’s wing.

The actor goes bald to play Anton Zaleski in The Hummingbird Project, one half of a duo of cousins looking to beat their former Wall Street boss and build a line straight to New York from Kansas that gets them trading information faster than anyone else.

And since the cross-country fiber-optic cable operation is a little hard to explain, he breaks it down in simple terms in a PEOPLE exclusive clip of the movie, also starring Salma Hayek and Jesse Eisenberg.

“If all traders use the same system and have the same information, how do you beat the others? By having the fastest line,” Skarsgård’s Anton says. “Once I know how much you’re willing to pay, I outrun the other traders from Kansas to New York, I buy shares that sell for less than $10, I race back and sell them to you for $10. Right now all this happens in about 17 milliseconds, soon it will be 16.”

Credit: Courtesy of TIFF

But as his costar points out, all of that only equals about $10 in profit. So why does he go through the trouble?

“I do 200,000 transactions like this every day. That’s 200,00 times $10 times 252 — that’s roughly $500 million a year. It’s like time travel,” he responds.

The Hummingbird Project is in theaters Friday.