'Hocus Pocus' 2 Is Really Happening! Disney+ Sequel Lands 'Hairspray' Director Adam Shankman

Adam Shankman has directed other hit films such as Hairspray, A Walk to Remember, The Wedding Planner and Rock of Ages

Hocus Pocus is back — and it’s landed a new director!

Adam Shankman will bring back the classic Halloween movie for a sequel at Disney+, PEOPLE confirms. Shankman, 55, has directed other well-known films such as the 2007 musical Hairspray, Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise and 2002’s A Walk to Remember. Variety first reported the news.

Shankman shared the news on Instagram, writing, “Yep….Thanks with all of my heart dear @disney Looks like Il be working on a looooooottttt of magic for awhile… I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be guiding forward these two Disney crown jewel legacies.”

He added, “My only hope is to honor those who came before me and build something new and exciting, as I desperately try to not let down the fans and enchant the new initiates! Fingers crossed! Xo.”

His most recent film was last year’s What Men Want and he’s currently working on the Enchanted sequel for Disney+.

The sequel is the follow up to the 1993 film starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as three witches who are resurrected and hellbent on becoming immortal by feeding off the souls of children.

Adam Shankman Hocus Pocus
Frazer Harrison/Getty; Buena Vista/Courtesy Everett Collection

A sequel was announced in October 2019. It’s unclear if any of the original cast is set to return and whether the film will be a reboot with a new set of characters.

Midler has long expressed interest in returning to her role of Winifred Sanderson, which she has said many times before is her favorite acting role.

During a Reddit AMA in Nov. 2014, the singer-actress encouraged fans to “inundate the Disney company.”

“I have canvassed the girls and they are willing to do it, but we have no say in it,” said Midler — who has dressed up for Halloween as Winifred Sanderson since and even sang “I Put a Spell on You,” her hit from the movie, on tour. “So if you want a Hocus Pocus 2, ask the Walt Disney company.”

In the fall of 2016, Parker also expressed excitement at the idea of reuniting with her evil Salem witch sisters someday.

I would love that,” the Sex and the City star said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I think we’ve all been fairly vocal about being very keen but that hasn’t created any ground swell of movement.”

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