Adam Devine Opens Up About His Love of Liam Hemsworth and Whether He'll Do Another 'Pitch Perfect'

"Liam is so hot. He's so hot. You see him from across the room, male or female, and you're like, why does he look like that?" Adam Devin said of Liam Hemsworth

These days, Adam Devine is focused on two things — funny scripts and Liam Hemsworth.

The actor, 34, sat down with PeopleTV’s Chatter on Thursday evening in which he discussed his latest obsessions, which includes costar Hemsworth, 28.

“Liam is so hot. He’s so hot,” Devine said, adding, “You see him from across the room, male or female, and you’re like, why does he look like that?”

Devine’s admiration for the actor’s good looks comes as the two are working together to create a romantic comedy for the ages — titled Isn’t It Romantic, set to come out on Valentine’s Day 2019. The film also stars Rebel Wilson, who Devine has worked with before on Pitch Perfect.

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While Devine is lending his talents to the upcoming rom-com, he was notably absent from Pitch Perfect 3. The actor tells PEOPLE, however, that he is willing to consider re-appearing in a fourth rendition of the hit-movie “if the script is funny enough.”

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“That is what it is. It has to be really funny,” he says. “But I love working with Rebel and obviously, I love working with Anna. Everyone in that movie I feel like I’m going to work with 30 more times.”

Isn’t It Romantic is in theaters Feb. 14, 2019.

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