Linda Manz, Days of Heaven & Out of the Blue Actress, Dies at 58 After Battle with Lung Cancer

Natasha Lyonne, Chloë Sevigny and more paid tribute to the actress, whom family described as a "loving wife, a caring mom, a wonderful grandma"

Linda Manz
Linda Manz in Out of the Blue (1980). Photo: Everett Collection

Linda Manz, known for her performances in films like Days of Heaven and Out of the Blue has died. She was 58.

The actress died on Friday after a battle with lung cancer and pneumonia, her family said on a GoFundMe page established by her son Michael Guthrie.

"She leaves behind a husband, two sons and three grandchildren who all love and miss her tremendously," read a message on the page, which is raising money to cover her final expenses. "Linda was a loving wife, a caring mom, a wonderful grandma and a great friend who was loved by many."

Manz's first movie role came when she was 15 in the 1978 drama Days of Heaven, directed by Terrence Malick and also starring Richard Gere, Brooke Adams and Sam Shepard. She went on to appear in films like The Wanderers (1979), Out of the Blue (1980), Gummo (1997) and had a final supporting role in David Fincher's The Game.

Ken Wahl, who shared the screen with Manz in The Wanderers, wrote on Facebook that the actress was "great to work with and I am grateful that I got to speak with her before she passed this morning."

Chloë Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne — who have previously praised Manz's career — also shared tributes to the late actress after news of her passing. Sevigny, 45, shared a still of Manz in Days of Heaven on Instagram, simply captioning the image with a candle emoji.

Lyonne, 41, wrote "Rest In Peace #LindaManz" on Twitter, and created a poll in a subsequent tweet, asking fans what their favorite Manz movie is. "I love all of them," she added.

Linda Manz
Linda Manz in Days of Heaven (1978). Everett Collection

In 1995, Sevigny told Paper magazine that she wanted to emulate Manz's filmography. "As for acting, I'd like to have a career like Linda Manz. She's my favorite actress," she said at the time. "She did three movies and all of them are masterpieces, except for The Wanderers. Now she lives in a trailer park with three or four kids, I think."

"But I'd rather do that than do 10 movies and make millions of dollars and have them all be trashy films," the Oscar nominee added.

Back in 2013, Lyonne also told Interview magazine that Out of the Blue, in which Manz costarred with Dennis Hopper, is one of her favorite films.

"Seeing Linda Manz in that movie as a teenager definitely helped me feel like, 'Oh, I’m not that alone in this life. There’s a language for the way I feel and I if I can just find the right people I’ll be okay,'" she said at the time. "The world at large doesn’t always make sense to me, and there are safe havens. Linda Manz in Out of the Blue is one of them."

Speaking with Time Out New York back in 1997, Manz explained why she stepped away from Hollywood. “There was a whole bunch of new young actors out there, and I was kind of getting lost in the shuffle,” she said, according to AnOther magazine. “So I laid back and had three kids. Now I enjoy just staying home and cooking soup.”

Manz married camera operator Bobby Guthrie in 1985 and welcomed three children, Michael, Christopher and William. PEOPLE caught up with her in 1994, when she was working part-time orchard caretaker and had no phone, living in isolation with her family.

“It’s wonderful up here, but I do want to go back to work,” she said at the time of her home in Lake Hughes, 80 miles outside Los Angeles. “Give me something to do. I’d like to get back. Be on the set. Be Linda Manz again.”

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