Aaron Paul Is a Fugitive on the Run in Thrilling Trailer for 'The Parts You Lose'

Aaron Paul stars as a wounded fugitive who befriends a deaf boy as he seeks help

Aaron Paul is on the run in the trailer for his latest movie.

The action in the trailer for The Parts You Lose — exclusive to PEOPLE — starts off with the Breaking Bad actor, 39, lying injured in the snow.

“Three weeks ago there was a robbery in Auburn, South Dakota. 4 out of 5 men have been apprehended, one man is left,” a police officer says.

Paul’s character is then approached by Wesley, played by Danny Murphy, who is hearing impaired. The young boy rescues the injured man by taking him to a shed, where they slowly start forming a bond that is made all the more dangerous by Paul’s mysterious character.

“We believe he may be hiding, wounded, possibly incapacitated. Have you seen this man, Wesley?” the police officer asks Murphy’s Wesley in the trailer.

The parts you lose film
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Aaron Paul The Parts You Lose

Wesley develops a deep bond with Paul’s fugitive as he helps nurse him back to health, a relationship that becomes complicated when authorities come knocking and Wesley is forced to pick a side.

The film also stars Scoot McNairy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, with Paul taking on the doubly-duty of producing and acting.

The Parts You Lose opens in theaters Oct. 4.

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