Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski don't know what they're getting themselves into in the first trailer for Welcome Home

By Ale Russian
October 04, 2018 11:42 AM

Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski don’t know what they’re getting themselves into in the first trailer for Welcome Home.

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the preview for the upcoming thriller, which stars Paul, 39, and Ratajkowski, 27, as a couple — Bryan and Cassie — hoping a secluded vacation in the Italian countryside will repair their relationship.

Although the trailer shows scenes from any typical romantic movie, it’s quickly revealed that Bryan and Cassie are struggling with an argument from their past all while he’s potentially planning to propose.

To make matters worse, the owner of their idyllic villa seems to have some sort of sinister plan to mess with the couple as he appears to get Bryan drunk in town and later shows up for dinner at their place.

Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski in Welcome Home
| Credit: Courtesy Vertical Entertainment

The rest of the trailer is a series of quick flashes showing the drama to come, including mysterious shots of knives and what seems like someone cleaning off blood in the shower. It’s all disturbingly juxtaposed with the owner, played by Riccardo Scamarcio, talking about why he loves hunting rabbits.

The final shot then shows the couple had been under surveillance in the villa during their entire stay.

The thriller will be available exclusively on DIRECTV on Oct. 18 and opens in theaters Nov. 16.