After hitting the streaming platform on Friday, the Michael Bay–directed 6 Underground has already cultivated a loyal fan following

By Benjamin VanHoose
December 18, 2019 01:34 PM

Fans are already begging Netflix for a follow-up to its new original movie that debuted on Friday.

With Ryan Reynolds heading up its cast, 6 Underground is an action thriller that follows an eclectic group of experts that specialize in various skills, uniting their strengths to thwart an ominous dictator. Launching on the streaming platform over the weekend, the film also stars Dave Franco and Inglourious Basterds actress Mélanie Laurent, and the script is penned by two of the writers behind Reynolds’ hit Deadpool franchise.

Directed by Michael Bay — who’s cultivated his own brand of explosive blockbuster entertainment with flicks like Transformers and Bad Boys — the movie quickly struck a chord among streamers who are eager for more content set in the same frenetic world.

The story kicks off with Reynolds’ character, One, faking his own death, scrubbing his record and setting out on life as an undetectable phantom operative. Reynolds, who made big screen appearances in Detective Pikachu and Hobbs & Shaw earlier this year, employs his signature charm to play the enigmatic billionaire, leader of the group of operatives.

Ryan Reynolds
| Credit: Jason Mendez/WireImage

Among the squad of protagonists are a CIA dark agent, a former Delta Force sniper, a battle-ready doctor, a hitman, a parkour practitioner and a particularly excellent driver. The anonymous heroes fight crime in the globe-trotting, big-budget action film.

One sequence that drummed up discussion among impressed movie fans is a lengthy car chase scene, that delivers thrills while offering laughable call-outs to classic works of art as well as the Spice Girls.

“Florence is a very small town, but it’s very tight and it’s so historic,” Bay, 54, told Entertainment Weekly of the standout chase sequence, which totals nearly 15 minutes of screen time. “They’ve never done a car chase like this ever in the history of Florence.”

Reynolds, 43, spoke out on Twitter about the Spice Girls reference included in the film, joking that he would absolutely need a tune from the girl group to get him through a speedy pursuit.

“The song was added in post production,” he responded to a fan who asked what the actor had against the singers. “I would NEVER interrupt the Spice Girls. Never. Especially during a car chase. That’s when I’d need them most.”

Reynolds also poked fun at the awards potential for the fan-lauded flick, even suggesting a new category to be offered by the Golden Globes. “I‘m not sure when the #GoldenGlobes will recognize explosions as a category but ‘til then… #6Underground,” he tweeted, including a hashtag that the movie was “snubbed.”

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As far as fan reception for the movie, many voiced on Twitter their hunger for a sequel as soon as possible. One user wrote that Netflix subscribers “HAVE to watch” 6 Underground because it “doesn’t get more entertaining than this.” Another fan predicts “there will be more,” while comparing its franchise potential to that of the popular Fast and Furious series.

“Insanely awesome! ? Hope they do a sequel!” wrote another viewer.

6 Underground is now available to stream on Netflix.