Which actress would you pick to portray Ms. Steele in the movie adaptation of the hit (and hot) novel?

By Rennie Dyball
March 30, 2012 11:30 AM
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Here’s one casting decision that might be best left to Mr. Christian Grey himself.

Anastasia Steele, the heroine in Fifty Shades of Grey (a.k.a. the hottest book around) is the object of Christian Grey’s affection … and obsession. Now that the book will be made into a movie, the task of finding just the right actress to play her should be an interesting one.

Ana describes herself in the first book of the steamy trilogy as “a pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face.” She’s clumsy and awkward but very beautiful – though she clearly doesn’t see that herself. Of course, Christian does, and he’s not shy about complimenting her “beautiful skin, pale and flawless.” Not to mention her slim figure, which he’s not shy about appreciating.

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A 21-year-old recent college graduate, Ana is innocent and unsuspecting about Christian’s intentions, though she quickly opens her mind to the powerful, millionaire suitor’s unusual tastes. We polled readers and our staff about who would best portray the naïve-turned-naughty Anastasia Steele onscreen. The nominees are …

Emmy Rossum

Having been through more than one highly public relationship (and breakup) in her own life, Rossum could channel that experience into one with mega-millionaire Grey onscreen. With a pair of blue contact lenses, she’d have Ana’s look down, and with an extensive resumé behind her, Rossum could be due for this type of breakout role.

Missy Peregrym

If author E L James, Universal Studios and Focus Features want to go with a relative newcomer, Peregrym (of Rookie Blue and Reaper fame) could also handily portray Ana with some minor physical tweaks. A former model, she’s used to being a chameleon (she also transformed her body to play a top gymnast in Stick It).

Shailene Woodley

For her acting alone, Woodley would be a great pick. The actress appeared in the critical darling The Descendents and she clearly wouldn’t be intimidated by starring opposite an über hot co-star (hello, George Clooney!) The Secret Life of the American Teenager star is also just the right age for the role – she turns 21 later this year.

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Rachel Bilson

She may be 30, but Bilson’s got the looks and the range to play someone younger, like Ana. After her breakout role on The O.C., Bilson made her mark in Hollywood with several more TV shows and movies. A spitting image of Ana, minus the blue eyes again – hope production has a contact lens budget for it’s leading lady – she could easily play the awkward object of Christian’s desire.

Emma Stone

With a quick dye job to darken her red locks. Stone feels like an obvious choice to play Ana. She’s played the awkward, doesn’t-know-she’s-gorgeous role before (opposite Ryan Gosling, no less!) and we can totally imagine her falling under Christian’s spell. But if not Ana, her current look would be a great fit to play Kate, Ana’s best friend, who’s described in the book as “gamine and gorgeous” with strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes.

Amanda Seyfried

Another trip to the salon would be necessarily to capture Ana’s long, dark hair, but Seyfried’s got a captivating quality about her that’s perfect for the role. Like Stone and Woodley, she’s also got experience starring opposite the criminally attractive (exhibit A: Justin Timberlake in In Time) and has proven herself as one of the top young stars to watch in Tinseltown.

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