5 Things to Know About Emma Watson's Rugged New Guy

Five things to know about Emma Watson's possible new tech savvy boyfriend

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Emma Watson might be spending time with a new guy, but details about the American tech guru remain scarce.

Here are 5 things we do know about William “Mack” Knight, the 35-year-old business manager she’s reportedly dating:

1. He’s Tech Wizard
Watson, a graduate of Brown University, may have met her match in the brains department.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Knight graduated from Princeton in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – and went on to get his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2011.

Describing himself online as a “Tech/entrepreneurship enthusiast,” he’s spent almost five years working at Medallia Professional Services, which specializes in customer feedback. He’s currently a senior manager.

2. He’s Adventurous
On one of his social media accounts, Knight describes himself as an “adventurer” and “naturalist” – and judging by his photo uploads, he’s not kidding around.

His RebelMouse page is chock full of impressive nature shots, including trips to Big Sur – where he reportedly went on a recent vacation with Watson.

His pictures cover a wide range of climates and topography, or as he puts it in one caption: “From Tuscany to the Dolomites.”

3. He’s Ripped

One particular image that stands out among his collection is a shirtless, ab-glistening photo taken in a picturesque waterfall in Oregon.

“Found Ferngully,” Knight captioned, along with the hashtags “#exploring #oregon #frightenedturtle.”

All that hiking alone could get a guy in pretty good shape, but the Sun reports that Knight “is an avid fitness fanatic, taking part in military-style Tough Mudder endurance events.”

4. He’s Got a Sense of Humor
It’s not something tech nerds are famous for, but Knight’s social media is filled with plenty subtle attempts at humor.

From knee-slappers like the caption “Still chasing birds? I Sur am,” on a picture from Big Sur, to “Bar hopping,” on a picture of himself walking down a scenic sandbar, we give Knight an A for effort.

5. He’s Not Afraid to Catch a Musical
Nothing says budding romance like a Broadway date night.

Knight and Watson were spotted together back in October leaving the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City after taking in a musical.

The duo saw Hamilton a hip-hop musical about the Founding Fathers that remains one of the most popular shows in town.

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