The actress stars in the dramatic thriller out digitally on March 22

By Mariah Haas
Updated March 21, 2016 08:30 PM
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

Fans may know Zoe Lister-Jones as Life in Pieces‘ Jen Short or Schmidt’s former love interest on New Girl.

Now, the actress-writer-producer is starring in the upcoming dramatic thriller Consumed which takes place in the world of genetically modified organisms and follows a single mom’s (Lister-Jones) journey to uncover the cause of her son’s illness.

Here are five things to know about Lister-Jones:

1. She started acting as a child.

“I was a really shy kid, but my mom, I think to help combat my shyness, put me in an acting class in New York when I was probably 10,” Lister-Jones, 33, tells PEOPLE. “It definitely helped me, but I was terrified the whole time.”

It wasn’t until she attended the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, when she “really honed in on the craft.”

2. Her first gig was on Law & Order.

Right after college, Lister-Jones booked a role as a murdered woman’s sister on the crime drama series, and went on to act in all four Law & Orders including the now defunct Trial by Jury.

“When you’re an actor in New York, [Law & Order] is kind of like a right of passage,” the Brooklyn-native says.

3. She’s worked on four films with her husband, director-actor Daryl Wein.

Most recently, the couple co-wrote and co-produced Consumed, which also stars Taylor Kinney and is directed by Wein.

“We’ve got definitely a rhythm down, but we are still learning,” says Lister-Jones, who tied the knot with Wein in 2013.

“It is tough working with a romantic partner,” she continues. “It’s fulfilling. It’s exciting, but it’s complicated.”

4. She’d love to play a female mob boss.

“I’m not sure if I’m too young to play it now, but I’m ready whenever it comes my way,” admits Lister-Jones. “I’m ready. I might have to write it.”

5. In true LA fashion, she spends her day off hiking.

“I love a hike, which in LA, is something that a lot of people love,” says Lister-Jones. “In Brooklyn, not so much, so it’s a new thing for me.”

She adds: “I like just seeing my friends, eating great food and watching my TV shows.”

Consumed is out digitally on March 22.