15 Looks at the Oscars Pre-Show You Won't Get on TV

See the side of the 2017 Oscars red carpet that TV cameras won't show you

Watching the Academy Awards on television will show you plenty. But watching the show on social media will give you a whole new point of view. With every camera person, personal assistant, and passerby armed with a camera these days, we — the appreciate audience — are getting views of Hollywood’s biggest night we’ve never seen before. For example…


Here’s what the red carpet looks like from as close as they let the public get to it.

This is what the little individual fiefdoms of competing press outlets look like in their organized scrum.

All those people cheering you hear (and occasionally see in a sweeping background shot)? This is their view.

… this is also what some people see.

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As with any big event, there’s a mini-maze of velvet ropes to navigate before you get anywhere near the actual carpet.

A view from outside the fenced-off area earlier in the day, pre-lighting rig setup.

The biggest night in Hollywood is a pretty big night for Wolfgang Puck and company as well.

Another shot of the red carpet-entrance area from the Walk of Fame side.

And one from an elevated perspective.

There are a lot of moving parts going on at any given time.

What the average camera-guy/tech sees.


Sixty degrees qualifies as cold in L.A., you see.

Sometimes an Oscar needs to get moved, and not in the most dignified way.


Ryan Seacrest in a rare, caught off-guard moment.

Lastly, the calm before the storm.

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