15 of the Wildest, Most Memorable Golden Globe Awards Moments Ever

The Golden Globes consistently provide us with fun moments that more sedate awards shows can't touch

The Golden Globe Awards have long held a reputation as the loosey-goosey younger sibling of the Academy Awards.

Maybe it’s because it’s the start of awards show season, and stars aren’t yet tired of the red carpet grind. Or maybe it’s just become a self-fulfilling prophecy of the show that celebrities are going to get a little silly, but for whatever reason, the Globes annually seem to give us more double-take moments than most Hollywood spectacles. Let’s look at some of our favorites.

Time’s Up takes the spotlight (2018)

The 2018 show came as the #MeToo movement was hitting a fever pitch, and as a show of strength, a large percentage of the night’s female attendees wore black in solidarity with each other and the brave women who’d come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. The night was punctuated by Oprah Winfrey‘s stirring Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech, in which she said, “For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon!”

Emma Thompson throws her shoes (2014)

One word: Queen.

Lady Gaga vs. Leonardo DiCaprio (2016)


In her defense, Lady Gaga isn’t actually what made this so funny: It was Leo’s “Gee, what’s her problem?” eyebrow raise after their close encounter. He goes from boyishly enthusiastic to sheepishly offended in .5 seconds.

Ricky Gervais asks Mel Gibson for some clarity (2016)

(Video is NSFW) This was extraordinarily awkward, and probably flew under the radar for a lot of people because of the censor’s quick fingers. At the 2016 awards, Gervais took advantage of Mel Gibson coming onstage to ask him, “What the f— does ‘sugar t—‘ even mean?” referencing the nickname Gibson assigned to a police officer involved in his 2006 DUI arrest.

Tina Fey speaks truth to Clooney (2015)

Bette Midler is the original NSFW presenter (1980)

Midler was actually referencing Joan Crawford’s own acceptance speech — which may have been the first time the Globes/breasts joke was made on-air — when she grabbed her own bust, but Midler’s still getting credit for the risqué moment. Oh, and then she mimed a sexual act on the statue.

Isaac Mizrahi gropes Scarlett Johansson (2006)


Really not okay, Isaac. Johansson later rightly called the designer out for his grabbiness.

Oliver Stone gets escorted out (1979)

Stone turned his 1979 acceptance speech for best screenplay (for Midnight Express) into an opportunity to rail against U.S. drug policy. Host Chevy Chase said, “Just say ‘thank you’ and leave the stage” while boos rained down, but Stone didn’t stop until he was escorted off the stage by security guards. Footage of the incident is extremely hard to find, so you’ll have to content yourself with Stone’s abbreviated version of the speech at the Oscars (above), which addressed the same theme.

Elizabeth Taylor presents … confusion (2001)

If you Google “Hollywood’s drunkest night,” it returns results for the Golden Globes. Just saying!

Angelina Jolie takes a dip (1999)

Jolie did say that she’d jump in the pool if she won in 1999. And then she made good on that claim at the Beverly Hilton pool, taking an Access Hollywood producer with her.

Sacha Baron Cohen scorches the Earth (2009)

“The recession is affecting everyone, even celebrities,” Cohen said as he presented in 2009, preparing to give Ricky Gervais a run for his most-people-offended-in-the-least-amount-of-time money. “Victoria Beckham hasn’t eaten for three weeks. Charlie Sheen has been forced to have sex without paying for it. It’s true! And even Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. Our thoughts go out to you, Guy Ritchie.”

Meryl Streep goes full Wire (2012)

Whether Streep was intentionally referencing The Wire’s wonderfully corrupt (and eloquent) Clay Davis with her extended “s—” after realizing she forgot her glasses is unclear, but it was a fantastically unscripted bit of hilarity.

Jack Nicholson endorses the pharmaceutical industry (2003)

Case in point for why the Golden Globes have a reputation for glorifying Hollywood debauchery: Nicholson admitting to being high on Valium during his About Schmidt acceptance speech.

Sharon Stone won’t let Richard Gere accept in peace (2003)

Note to Golden Globe presenters: Unless you’re Elizabeth Taylor, the moment is not about you.

Chrissy Teigen becomes a meme (2015)


No, no one knew what that face was supposed to be. Not even the person who made it.

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