Woman Sent to ER During '127 Hours' Premiere in L.A.

She claims it "had nothing to do with the film," but isn't the first to get sick during the intense viewing

Photo: Chuck Zlotnick

Is the new James Franco movie hazardous to your health?

There was a serious medical emergency about 20 minutes into the Los Angeles premiere of 127 Hours Tuesday night when a woman in the audience had to be rushed to the emergency room.

The incident – she apparently had a seizure – shocked the audience, which included Franco, Orlando Bloom, Minnie Driver, Kellan Lutz and Mark Ruffalo.

“[The woman] said that it had nothing to do with the film,” its Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle (of Slumdog Millionaire fame) told the audience afterward, to awkward laughter.

He had good reason for making that point absolutely clear.

The intense and graphic film, which tells the harrowing true story tale of Aron Ralston, an experienced mountain climber who has to resort to extreme measures after his arm is trapped under a boulder in the bottom of a canyon in Utah, has reportedly been responsible for incidents of fainting and sickness both at its U.K. premiere and screenings stateside.

“I have heard that people that have passed out,” Franco told PEOPLE. “But I have also heard that the people who have passed out have come back and seen the rest of the movie. It shows that people are invested in the movie and connected to the character.”

The woman in Tuesday night’s incident did not have the opportunity to return. After a doctor in the audience rushed to her aid, she was taken to a nearby hospital. According to Boyle, the incident was related to diabetes, and was the woman’s first seizure since her childhood.

As for Franco, he is able to get through the movie no problem.

“I am fine with it,” he says. “That’s surprising because I usually have a problem with blood and specifically blood on my arm.”

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