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Kate Hudson Supports Son Ryder as He Gets His Siblings' Initials Tattooed on His Arm
Kate Hudson had a fun mother-son moment with 18-year-old Ryder, tagging along when he got some fresh ink
Richard Pryor's Daughter Rain on Will Smith's Oscars Slap of Chris Rock: 'They're Both Really Good Guys'
Actress and director Rain Pryor talks with PEOPLE Every Day about the current comedic climate and the infamous Oscars slap
Stephen King Says Michael Bay's Transformers Is the 'Only' Movie He's Ever Walked Out of as Adult
Michael Bay, who made five Transformers movies, said earlier this year that he "should have stopped" making the films but "they were fun to do"
Adrien Brody Says Ana de Armas' Marilyn Monroe Movie Blonde Will Likely Cause 'Some Controversy'
Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the NC-17-rated movie, which debuts on Netflix in September
Millie Bobby Brown Teams Up with Avengers: Endgame Directors for New Netflix Movie: Reports
As Stranger Things season 4 prepares to take its final bow, star Millie Bobby Brown is set to appear in The Electric State from the Russo brothers
Tom Holland Lovingly Reacts to Girlfriend Zendaya's Vogue Italia Cover
"Such a dream shooting this cover," Zendaya wrote on Instagram

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Cameron Diaz to Make Acting Return in Netflix Movie with Jamie Foxx: 'I Can't Frickin Wait'
Jamie Foxx enlisted Tom Brady to help with announcing Cameron Diaz's return to her film career in a fun audio clip shared to social media Wednesday
Dakota Johnson Says Her Family Should Have Been 'Warned' About 'Heartbreaking' Tippi Hedren Movie
"You look over and you see a woman who's just been reminded of everything she went through, and it was heartbreaking," Dakota Johnson said of Tippi Hedren
Dakota Johnson Says Alfred Hitchcock Sent Melanie Griffith a Doll of Her Mom Tippi Hedren in a Coffin

"Hitchcock was a tyrant," Dakota Johnson said in a new interview with Vanity Fair