Even Mandy Moore is a fan of the look

By Christie Calucchia
July 29, 2020 03:56 PM
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There’s a vintage-inspired trend that’s taken over the interior design world in a big way over the past few years. No, we’re not talking about Millennial pink velvet couches or mid-century modern chairs; we’re referring to vases filled with textured, long-lasting dried flowers. There are over one million posts on Instagram tagged with #driedflowers, and Google queries for “dried flowers” are on the rise. They’re popular among interior designers and florists alike, and some even made an appearance at Mandy Moore’s 2018 wedding to Taylor Goldsmith.

If you’re still doubting the popularity of these unique blooms, the latest sellout collection from Urbanstems will convince you otherwise. When the online flower delivery company launched a selection of dried bouquets, they sold out and remained unavailable for the last two months. Luckily, they’re finally back in stock.

The collection includes everything from fluffy, neutral-toned pampas grass to colorful, hand-dyed arrangements of dried thistle, stargrass, and preserved green bell. Prices start at $35, with bouquet options that either come with their own stylish vases or are sold separately.

No matter which style you decide on, all of the dried bouquets are pretty foolproof care-wise — meaning they’re even safe for those who don’t exactly have a green thumb. Simply display them indoors away from direct light and any harsh conditions. If they begin to attract dust, the online plant shop recommends spraying them with compressed air (which is often used to clean electronics) or a hair dryer on an unheated setting. You don’t even have to water them!

Urbanstems offers next-day delivery nationwide and can even fill same-day orders in New York City and Washington, D.C. Shop the elegant dried bouquets now to spruce up your home or send an unexpected gift to someone you’re thinking about.


Buy It! Urbanstems The Pampas, $35; urbanstems.com


Buy It! Urbanstems The Claire, $100; urbanstems.com


Buy It! Urbanstems The Logan, $95; urbanstems.com


Buy It! Urbanstems The Quill, $55; urbanstems.com


Buy It! Urbanstems The Icon, $175; urbanstems.com

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