Meet the unexpected gifts they'll never see coming...

By Christine Whitney
November 05, 2018 06:07 PM
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Tis the season for holiday shopping (at least amongst the forward-planners in our midst), and who doesn’t want impressively original gift ideas? Not that we don’t love getting and giving candles, but nothing really says “I love you” like dinosaur garden statues or logs that grow shiitake mushrooms, are we right? Thankfully, unique gift emporium UncommonGoods is here with these and more surprising offerings sure to amuse and delight everyone on your list. And the timing couldn’t be better, as UncommonGoods just introduced a new program called Uncommon Perks, whereby for $19 a year, customers can get free standard shipping on all orders through the site. Read on for our picks, and get shopping before all the good stuff is gone!

For the Quirky Gardener

Dino-philes and green thumbs alike will surely appreciate these steel garden sculptures, which were made by hand in Arizona.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set, $180;

For the Farm-to-Table Fanatic

Maybe your significant other takes an interest in micology, or maybe they like locavore dining. Whatever the case may be, this shiitake mushroom-growing kit, which is good for up to three years’ worth of fungi, is certain to please.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit, $30;

For the Tequila Enthusiast

Those who appreciate a fine tequila will love this set of four reusable, hand-carved shot glasses made from Himalayan sea salt. Salud!

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, $28 for a set of four;

For the Sports Fan

Not fun: Scraping snow off your car in the dead of winter. Slightly more fun: Scraping snow off your car with a novel hockey stick snow brush. Perfect for the hockey-viewer (or player) in your life.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Hockey Stick Snow Brush, $25;

For the Cat Fancier

Any friend of felines knows that cats need something to scratch on, and we’d rather it be this cute cat-sized laptop scratcher than the new couch.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Laptop Cat Scratching Pad, $35;

For the Avocado Toast Addict

No ugly brown avocado halves to be found here! These specialty kitchen items are made from BPA-free silicone and ensure more efficient avocado storage. The pit pocket can conveniently be pushed in or out depending on which half you’ve saved.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Avocado Huggers, $7.95 for a set of two;

For the Animal Lover

Animal enthusiasts (or anyone who appreciates the cuter things in life) will go wild for this beginner-level felting kit, which provides materials and guidance for making 2-3 tiny, adorable wool hedgehogs. Thoroughly aww-inducing.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It!

Hedgehog Needle Felting Kit, $20;

For the Beer Drinker

Exalt six packs with these peel-and-stick magnetic strips, which adhere to the ceiling of your fridge and allow you to store bottles of your favorite brew up high. Not only do they free up precious refrigerator real estate, they look pretty darn cool.

Uncommon Goods

Buy It! BottleLoft, $38;

For the Eco-Conscious

This ingenious solar-powered charger is portable and powerful — it’s around the same size and weight as an iPhone and delivers a full charge in two hours. It also emits light for up to 150 hours, if you please. And for each purchase, the makers of the device will give one solar-powered light to people in areas of the world without electricity. Now that’s illuminating!

Uncommon Goods

Buy It!

Solar-Powered Charger & Light, $59.95;

For the Friend Whose Phone is Always Dying

For those in perpetual need of a phone charger, this bracelet is a game-changer. Its long-lasting lithium battery charges up to 50 percent in 40 minutes — not to mention it makes a good-looking accessory!

Uncommon Goods

Buy It!

Phone-Charging Bracelet, $149;

For the Humorist

Uncommon Goods

The jokester in your life will find endless amusement in this Bluetooth-connected, banana-shaped wireless handset, which is designed to take your cell phone calls sans radiation exposure. It’s USB-rechargeable and made from recycled plastic for maximum appeal.

Buy It! Bluetooth Banana Phone, $40;