You can now blast Christmas music on repeat without worrying about frostbite

By Nina Huang
December 17, 2019 06:00 AM
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With the winter solstice just five days away, it’s officially time to pull out all the gloves, scarves, and puffy coats from your closet. But for those who love jamming out to music both indoors and outdoors, keeping your ears warm in the wintertime can often mean sacrificing precious listening time. However, Amazon shoppers seem to have found a way to keep ears toasty while listening to music on the go: these $20 Bluetooth earmuffs headphones.

Not only are they foldable, but these earmuffs are also washable once the Bluetooth control module and speakers are removed. What’s more, this nifty gadget doesn’t sacrifice warmth for functionality or vice versa. The inner layer is made of extra soft plush that keeps your ears super comfortable, and the headphones feature high definition stereo sound.

Amazon shoppers have been raving about this product for how convenient it is, with one reviewer calling it a “lifesaver.”

Another writes, “Since I work outside for my job, I wanted something to listen to music but also to keep warm. This fit perfectly for both issues. I love how comfortable they are around my ears, and the music level was enjoyable to listen to.”

If you’re looking to keep your ears from freezing in the chilly weather as soon as possible, you can get these earmuffs in two days with Amazon Prime. And even if you don’t, Amazon estimates that these earmuffs will arrive just before Christmas for those who choose free standard shipping at checkout. Above all, we’re just happy that we’ve finally found something to keep our music-loving ears warm and happy in the cold.


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