The Internet is here to remind you that while you're social distancing or in quarantine, you're not alone — and that everyone else has eaten their snacks already, too

In times of isolation, the need for a sense community is greater than ever. And if you’re feeling lonely while social distancing, the Internet has got you covered.

Just because you’re responsibly staying at home doesn’t mean you need to laugh alone. People around the world are finding all sorts of ways to stay entertained and to spread some much-needed joy to others, from making DIY treadmills out of water and dish soap to becoming stove-top DJs.

Below, a meme for every mood for you and your friends to bring some levity into your group chat — and if you don’t have one, now would be a great time to start!

When you need to laugh but also take things seriously

It’s okay to laugh! And to cry! Stay informed, stay inside, and take breaks from news updates to focus on projects that bring you joy or calm, like cooking, reading, dancing, organizing your newly stocked pantry or playing with a pet.

If you’re searching for the words to describe quarantine

“I laughed. I cried, a number of times. I sweat, I danced, I got a shot, I ate — and I had many epiphanies.” May your quarantine be as fruitful as this Goop experience was for Gwyneth Paltrow.

If you’re struggling with working right next to the kitchen

You’re not alone. This dog and PEOPLE’s Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal are right there with you. We all are.

If you’re debating leaving your house

If you haven’t already seen Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, now would be a great time to do so. But really, please stay inside. Do it for Beth! For your grandparents! For everyone’s sake.

If you only want the finest brand of Quarantine

Did this make anyone else want Champagne? Just me?

If your exes are hitting you up

… Or not!

If you need help structuring your routine

You can take the city-dwellers out of the subways, but you can NEVER take the subways out of the city-dwellers.

Struggling to stick to a schedule at home? Take a cue from The Grinch:

“5:00: Solve world hunger — tell no one.

5:30: Jazzercise!

6:30: Dinner with me — I can’t cancel that again!”

If you miss going out to the clubs

Blast some ABBA or put on Mamma Mia! and get groovin’!

Alternatively: Make yourself a cocktail, crank some tunes, download a strobe app on your phone — this is our chance to redefine ‘house’ music.

If you miss going to the gym

Sure, you could follow along with YouTube workout tutorials or a fitness app, but there’s something about a DIY treadmill …

If you’re desperate for some alone time away from your kids

Tiger King‘s Rick Kirkham pretty much sums up what it feels like to work from home while taking care of kids in this clip from the hit Netflix docuseries.

If you get lonely during Happy Hour

A group video chat could also do the trick. And if you’re getting burnt out from the non-stop coronavirus talk, we’ve got some conversation starters for you.

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