15 People Who Are Already Excited for Fall Even Though It's Still 95 Degrees Out

These people are ready to start sipping pumpkin spiced lattes and picking out Halloween costumes, dog days of summer be damned

While the person who can resist falling leaves and a cableknit sweater is rare, some people are taking their appreciation of autumn to the next level, getting excited for fall while much of the country is experiencing a heat wave. Starbucks is getting ready to start serving their iconic fall drink, the pumpkin spice latte, at the end of August; Kit-Kats are changing up their flavors for the fall; and Halloween decorations are already being stocked. Excuse us! What happened to the last few weeks of summer?! (And uh, can we get that PSL iced?)

For these people, the second the clock struck midnight on August 1st, “Spooky Season” began because they’re not going to let a little sweat keep them from freaking out about fall. Here are our favorite examples.

1. This person, who truly believes that Halloween and August can live in perfect harmony.

2. This person, who is doing some serious reaching with their logic.

3. This person, who decided that August 1st is the start of Watch Hocus Pocus Every Day Season.

4. Target is, admirably, leading the charge into Halloween festivities.

5. This person, who already changed their Twitter name to reflect the “change in season.”

6. This person, who already started decorating their home and wanted us to know about it.

7. If Sigourney Weaver can snuggle up to a pumpkin, so can you.

8. This person, who probably had a very confused Alexa.

9. Whoever the heck is in charge of changing the Kit Kat flavors.

10. Sarah Andersen, a cartoonist who is clearly very excited for the dawn of Autumn.

11. The social media manager for The Washington Post, who jumped aboard the PSL train the second the clock struck midnight on August 1st.

12. This Reddit user, who decided to get into the spirit of fall (even though it’s still hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk) by getting into costume!

13. Starbucks, which is preparing for the leaves changing color in a big (bulk) way:

Not sure if they spelled Britney Spears’ name wrong on purpose since, you know, that’s kind of their thing.

14. This artist, who insisted that it wasn’t what it looked like!

“Narrator: It was, in fact, what it looked like.”

15. For some people, it’s all about biding their time until they can put out the pumpkins and buy new sweaters.

Listen, you do you! Just make sure that you know how to identify the signs of heat stroke so that you don’t end up passing out while wearing a knit sweater and sipping a PSL in the summer.

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