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Confetti Crayons

confetti crayons

Alex Apatoff, Digital Lifestyle Director: Now that I’m a parent, I most often find myself caught without a gift … for other people’s kids, when their thoughtful parents bring something for my son and I’m stuck scrambling in his toy bin for something he hasn’t destroyed. This holiday season, I’m stocking up on these adorable crayons, which are useful, gender-neutral and the perfect price to have on hand for any gift swap — expected or not!

Buy It! Kid Made Modern Confetti Crayons, $9.99

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Reebok Club C 85s

Reebok Club C 85

Dave Quinn, Writer and Reporter: White sneakers should be a staple for any guy’s wardrobe. These classic kicks are perfectly parable with everything from work-day slacks and weekend-wear jeans to a special-occasion suit. Out of everything I’ve tried, nothing has provided the clutch combination of comfort and style as my Club C 85s. They’re one of those pairs of shoes that have structurally held up, even after two years of nearly daily wear. A fresh pair under the tree would be a joy to receive, and should be an easy gift for those who are stumped over what to give the men in their lives.

But It! Reebok Club C 85s, $70

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Super Smalls

maisonette happy hour rainbow bracelets

Andrea Lavinthal, Style + Beauty Director: The smallest people on your list are always the hardest to shop for. Their parents say they already have too many toys, clothing is tricky to get right and you’re not going to be anyone’s favorite aunt if you give a gift card. That’s why I’m thrilled Maria Dueñas Jacobs just launched Super Smalls, a jewelry line for kids ages 4 to 10 that’s way more chic than the faux baubles you played dress up with back in the day. These candy-colored rings, bracelets, and more were inspired by what the brand calls the “glitzy grown-up stuff” and will satisfy even the most discerning mini fashionista.

Buy it! Happy hour Rainbow bracelet set, $29

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John Wick and the Creature of the Black Lagoon Print

0 John Wick and the Creature of the Black Lagoon Art Print0 John Wick and the Creature of the Black Lagoon Art Print

Diane Cho, Features Editor: Nothing makes me happier than decorating my tiny Brooklyn apartment with prints from one of my favorite artists. I’ve been a fan of Kira Melamed for quite some time and she recently released her John Wick Collection on Society6. This print in particular is my favorite and I plan on gifting a bunch of prints, stickers and totes from the collection as stocking stuffers for my friends this year.

Buy it! Kira Melamed John Wick art print, $18.99

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Disney+ Subscription

The Disney + logo is displayed on the screen of a television

Jen Juneau, Parents Writer: As a huge fan of all things Disney (especially Disney Parks and older movies from the Disney Vault!), I haven't stopped watching Disney+ since I bought the bundle package with ESPN and Hulu the day the service launched. From animated classics like Robin Hood to Imagineering stories, to Jeff Goldblum waxing poetic about the joys of sneaker production, there's something for everyone in its endless content bucket.

Buy it! Disney+ subscription, $6.99/month or $69.99/year

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Bogavia Face Care Gift Set

Bogavia; FaceCareGiftSet_Normal_DrySkin

Joelle Goldstein, Writer/Reporter for Human Interest: I first came across Bogavia in summer 2018 and instantly fell in love with their products. The facial cleanser in particular is my favorite — I use it every morning to start my day and it makes my skin feel refreshed and soft. As someone who has sensitive skin, I’ve struggled to find products that work well and these are gentle, natural and keep my skin hydrated in all weather. It’s a perfect holiday gift for anyone looking to maintain a skin routine to try out four of Bogavia’s all-natural products! (Plus, they make a dry skin set and an oily skin set to tailor to your needs!)

Buy it! Bogavia's face care gift set, $80

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Norfolk Pine Plant from Bloomscape

bloomscape norfolk pine tree

Hannah Chubb, Home + Travel Editorial Assistant: 2019 was the year I became a mom… to a family of plants in my apartment. After moving into a new place with more sunlight, I became absolutely obsessed with filling my rooms with all things leafy and green — and basking in the cleaner air that supposedly comes with them. Unfortunately, without a car in New York City, getting my greenery from the store to my eighth floor apartment was no easy task. That’s where companies like Bloomscape are awesome: They ship plants straight from their greenhouse to your front door, and they arrive in mint condition (but actually, I saw it with my own eyes). I’m officially in love with the Norfolk Pine I got that’s currently acting as my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and I plan on sending a few to my friends and family members to spruce their own homes up a bit this holiday season!

Buy it! Bloomscape's Norfolk Pine, $150

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Diane Cho, Features Editor: Ever since my niece and nephew were born, I've been storing away hundreds of photos I've taken over the years with no real idea of how I was going to organize and print them all. Then I discovered Chatbooks and now I don't feel as overwelmed knowing I can take 20 photos of my niece reading a book and create a Monthly Mini book series called Anna Learns to Read (I'm Not Crying, You Are).

Buy it! Chatbooks Monthly Minis subscription, starts at $5 per month

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‘Call Congress’ Sweatshirt

PEOPLE Editor's gift guide gallery (Crooked)

Sonal Dutt, Food & Lifestyle Director: I’m inspired by people who take action and make their voices heard. For the holidays, I’m asking for this sweatshirt: It’s a good reminder that the most effective way to engage with my representatives in D.C. is to stop tweeting and actually pick up the phone. It’s my new definition of statement-making fashion.

Buy It! “Call Congress” embroidered sweatshirt, $58

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Winc Gift Card


Kaitlyn Frey, Assistant Style + Beauty Editor: If there's one gift that I would be over-the-moon to recieve, it's wine. But if you're not quite sure which type to buy, a Winc gift card if an amazing option. Users take a palate profile quiz and then are suggested personalized recommendations, which makes the whole wine shopping process even more fun.

Buy It! Winc Gift Card, from $60

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Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack, Large

Dagne Dover Dakota Bag
Dagne Dover

Dave Quinn, Writer and Reporter: I’ve had my eye on this Dagne Dover backpack ever since the brand’s Landon Carryall won best duffel in PEOPLE’s 2019 Travel Awards. The duffel looked awesome but as someone who carries a bag every day that is currently being held together with duct tape, the need for a durable backpack is far more pressing. This gives the best of both worlds. Its Neoprene (think wet-suit) material makes it a dream to keep dry and clean. Plus, there’s plenty of pockets inside to keep my life organized. I’d use it for daily commuting, though the bag has a luggage-handle sleeve and comes with a removable shoe bag if you’re looking to grab it for a vacation. Best of all, with 10 colors available and three different sizes, there’s a lot of options to choose from.

Buy it! Dagne Dover Dakota backpack, $195

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Theragun’s 24K Gold G3Pro

holiday gift guide

Chelsea White, Night News Editor: Really want to spoil someone? Give them the ultimate fitness and relaxation luxury item — with science-backed recovery benefits. I put this on my list and have crossed my fingers and my toes. It gets rid of those knots and gets you ready to hit the gym all over again.

Buy it! Theragun’s 24K Gold G3Pro, $1,200

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Summersalt Cashmere Jogger

summersalt cashmere jogger set

Kaitlyn Frey, Assistant Style + Beauty Editor: Who doesn’t want ultra-soft and cozy cashmere sweats? These ones are stylish enough that you’ll still feel polished if you leave the house wearing them and the price tag is incredibly reasonable for a cashmere piece. I plan on getting a pair for everyone on my shopping list, and I know none of them will be disappointed.

Buy it! Summersalt's coziest cashmere jogger, $110

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Sunday Riley Moisturizer

sunday riley c.e.o

Alex Apatoff, Digital Lifestyle Director: This splurge-y, citrus-scented face cream is so good, I almost wept when I finished the tub I'd been hoarding ever since it came across my desk. I’d never spend the money on myself, which is why it’s been top of my Christmas wish list since I used the last drop six months ago.

Buy it! Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C rich hydration cream, $85

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Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra

Diane Cho, Features Editor: For someone who doesn't have a smart TV, this device is a game changer. It also makes streaming Real Housewives exponentially easier, so I'm always up to date with the latest drama. My favorite two features on the Ultra are the lost remote finder and private listening on the remote. I'll admit, I've lost a remote or two (or three) but now I never have to lift the couch again to see if it fell behind. As for the private listening — the Housewives can get loud so while my roomies work in the livingroom, I can still enjoy a table-flipping moment without bothering them. A win-win.

Buy it! Roku Ultra, $99.99

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Ettitude Bamboo Sheet Set


Zoë Ruderman, Editor of People Digital: I have to confess that I put off laundry day because I don’t want to sleep in sheets that aren’t these sheets — even for one night. That’s why I’ve got a second set on my wish list. These are silkier and more comfortable and luxurious feeling than fancy hotel sheets, plus I love that they’re ethically and sustainably made. If Santa is feeling really generous, I’d also welcome the robe… and the duvet cover… and the pajamas…

Buy it! Ettitude's Bamboo sheet set, $138

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Brilli's One-Touch LED Vanity Mirror


Diane Cho, Features Editor: I am a huge skincare and makeup junkie, so I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying new products and perfecting different looks. For Christmas this year, I have Brilli's only lighted mirror at the top of my wish list. Its optimal lux feature allows you to play with the brightness settings so you can really see all of the detail that goes into your glam. Here's to hoping I've landed on Santa's nice list this year.

Buy it! Brilli's One-Touch LED Vanity Mirror, $295

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Vineyard Vines Fleece

Vineyard Vines fleece
Courtesy Vineyard Vines

Alex Apatoff, Lifestyle Director: My continued mission to make my husband be even preppier will meet with minimal resistance when he sees this super-cozy quarter-zip, which is extremely on-trend and (more importantly) really freaking comfortable. The dark plaid makes it stand out in a crowd of oatmeal-colored sherpa toppers.

Buy It! Vineyard Vines faux fleece pullover, $155;

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ED Ellen Degeneres Pet Sweater


Kaitlyn Frey, Assistant Style + Beauty Editor: If there's anything more fun than shopping for yourself, it's shopping for your furry friend. You can get your pet in the holiday spirit with one of these adorable sweaters from Ellen DeGeneres' pet line at Kohl's. I'm particularly obsessed with this super cute reindeer design.

Buy It! Ellen DeGeneres Hooded Pet Sweate" data-tracking-affiliate-link-url="" data-tracking-affiliate-network-name="Impact Radius" rel="sponsored">ED Ellen DeGeneres Hooded Pet Sweater, $17.99

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Baloo Weighted Blanket

Baloo Living
Baloo Living

Sophie Dodd, Editorial Assistant: I was skeptical about the whole weighted-blanket trend, until I tried one from Baloo and it changed the way I sleep. It ensures that I actually do sleep, as the gentle hug-like pressure of the blanket keeps me from tossing and turning and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. The holidays can be particularly stressful, so I plan to spend some quality time curled up under my luxurious (and eco-friendly!) duvet — and as I won’t be sharing, I’m getting my roommate one of her own.

Buy It!: Baloo Queen Size 15 lb. weighted blanket, $169

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Tiffany T Bracelet with Mother of Pearl

tiffany T bracelet

Melody Chiu, Deputy West Coast News Editor: Is there anything more exciting than seeing a little blue box under the Christmas tree? Celebs like Karlie Kloss, Lupita N’yongo and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted wearing these bracelets out and about, and now these fun colors are available to add a pop to every outfit. Yes, it’s a splurge — but it’s something I’d keep in my jewelry box for years to come.

Buy it! Tiffany T mother-of-pearl wire bracelet in 18k rose gold, $1,750

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Eff This! Meditation By Liza Kindred

an imprint of The Quarto Group
Rock Point

Andrea Wurzburger, Features Writer: With so much going on — work, family events, social obligations — I find myself looking for easy ways to keep myself calm and focused. Liza Kindred's new book has over 100 tips and tricks to help me reach a peaceful state when I'm feeling overwhelmed. The best part is that Kindred provides multiple ways to relieve stress in as little as a minute.

Buy it! Eff This! Meditation, Kindle: $9.99 and hardcover: $15.99

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Google Nest Hub Max

PEOPLE Editor's gift guide gallery Google Nest Hub Max
Google Nest Hub Max

Mackenzie Schmidt, Home + Travel Editor: This is a perfect splurge gift for a tech-savvy loved one who wants their whole home connected… or anyone who, say, wants to keep an eye on their dog while they’re at work (there’s a built-in Nest camera), play NPR for said pup during the day (it’s a smart speaker), pull up recipes while cooking (no more phone covered in flour!), and, let’s be honest, watch Bon Appetit videos while waiting for their Seamless to arrive. If you’re just looking for a smart speaker or a digital photo frame, however, there are cheaper devices out there.

Buy it! Google Nest Hub Max, $229

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Papa & Barkley Hemp CBD Releaf Balm

Johnnie Walker
Papa Barkley

Chelsea White, Night News Editor: Lady Gaga has been seen with this line’s capsules but I’m more of a balm girl. As I spend the year working hard and working out harder (especially with all the holiday feasts about to come my way), this helps me relive my sore muscles. Plus it’s also a great stocking stuffer for the fitness fanatic in your crew.

Buy it! Papa & Barkley's Hemp CBD Releaf Balm, $29.99

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Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire

holiday gift guide
Johnnie Walker

Breanne L. Heldman, Senior TV Editor: The show may have ended, but I’m still really excited about the two new limited edition Game of Thrones-inspired whiskies from Johnnie Walker and HBO. I was so impressed with their initial collaboration — the White Walker as well as the nine limited-release bottles inspired by each of the show’s houses — and seems like the perfect way to toast one of the year’s biggest pop culture moments.

Buy it! Johnnie Walker's limited edition A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire, $86

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NakedCashmere Camila Travel Set

PEOPLE Editor's gift guide gallery (Naked Cashmere)
Naked Cashmere

Chelsea White, Night News Editor: Holidays can also mean a lot of traveling. And while it isn’t an automatic upgrade to first class, cashmere can make economy feel a little bit more luxurious. The set, which was designed in collaboration with model and actress Camila Morrone a.k.a. Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, comes with a throw, a sleep mask, socks and even a silk pillow case to slip over those tiny foam things they give you instead of pillows. It's great for the traveler of the group or a mom that needs a little soft me time.

Buy it! NakedCashmere's Camila travel set, $395

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Polaroid Lab

Polaroid lab

Andrea Wurzburger, Features Writer: The '90s nostalgia is so real lately, right? I am fully leaning into it this year by asking for a Polaroid Lab, which prints out photos straight from your smartphone. If my 20-year-old sister said, “Wow, that’s actually cool,” about something I want, it’s a must-buy in my book.

Buy it! Polaroid Lab, $129.99

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Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon

Radio Flyer
Courtesy Radio Flyer

Kate Hogan, Digital Specials Director: With a 2- and 4-year-old, I’m kind of more excited about family gifts than my own gifts this year. At the top of my list is a wagon to tote our tots around town since neither of our children are huge fans of the stroller anymore, but sometimes need a break from walking when we head out on the weekends. Radio Flyer’s latest is a convertible stroller wagon that allows you to push or pull, has a removable canopy, two cup holders and two five-point harnesses for smaller riders. It also folds up for easy city storage. So if the grandparents are reading this …

Buy It! Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon, $149.99

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L*SPACE Pajama Set

L Space pjs

Chelsea White, Night News Editor: You know what says Christmas morning? Cute pajamas! L*Space has just released sleepwear in time for the holiday season: A red silky set with “Shine On” embroidered on the pocket or blue with stars which make for a great Hanukkah gift, too.

Buy it! L*SPACE's Luna pajama set, $145

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Boll + Branch Flannel Sheets

PEOPLE Editor's gift guide gallery (Boll & Branch)

Sonal Dutt, Food & Lifestyle Director: Winter is my favorite season, in part because I finally get to wrap my bed in these buttery soft, super-cozy sheets. I bought them during a particularly frigid winter a few years ago, and I always pat myself on the back on chilly nights for bringing them into my life. They’re incredibly warm and cuddly, and they get softer after every wash. I give them as gifts to everyone because they’re a universal hit — and I treat myself to a new piece every year (this Pickstitch blanket is currently calling my name).

Buy It! Boll & Branch Flannel Bedding, $55 and up

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