Gerber baby-boys 4 Pack Sleep

Dress Your Own Tiny Superstar Like Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa's Twins for Less Than $14

Zion and Zillion Cannon say ‘Hi, There’ in sweet Gerber PJs
By Sabrina Rojas Weiss
July 19, 2021 02:27 PM
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At just 1 month old, Zion and Zillion Cannon could already be fashion influencers. Nick Cannon's second set of twins (babies five and six of seven) showed their faces on Instagram for the first time last week on mom Abby De La Rosa's account. After we took in Mom and Dad's sweet cuddling poses, what immediately caught our eye was the adorable matching black-and-white footie pajamas they modeled. 

"Hi, there," "Hi," and "Hey," the twins say to the world via these baby pajamas. It sounds like an echo of what a doting adult might murmur to a baby as they open their eyes and take in the world. In other photos new mom De La Rosa shared, we see them snuggling each other on the same furry white pillow background. They're also sporting headphones, ready to man the ones and twos like their DJ mom — just as soon as they wake up, anyway. 

So, are these sweet and stylish baby outfits from an exclusive boutique only celebrities can afford? Much to our delight, not at all. They're part of a line from Gerber that includes footie pajamas and long-sleeve and short-sleeve onesies. From what we can tell, Zion and Zillion are sporting the 100 percent cotton Gerber Sleep n' Play Footie that you can buy in a four-pack from Amazon in sizes from preemie to 6-9 months. The other prints — blue with bears, gray with stars, and green with a bear saying "Be Brave, Be Kind" — are equally adorable. According to Amazon, these are the best-sellers in their category, which may or may not be because of the Cannon boys.

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Though they're labeled as "boys," there's no reason not to buy these for babies of any gender. If you're shopping right now for a little one, you can also find a long-sleeve bodysuit version of this casual greeting in a six-pack for 41 percent off at Or, for something suited to this warm weather, grab a four-pack of short-sleeve onesies from Amazon — you can check out your options below.

6-Pack Baby Boys Bear Long Sleeve Onesies
Credit: Gerber

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Gerber baby-boys 4 Pack Sleep
Credit: Amazon

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