Lucy Hale Can’t Stop Using This Game-Changing Workout Accessory

The multitasking water bottle is like a massage on the go
By Eva Thomas
September 03, 2020 09:20 PM
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Ah, the pains that come from a high-intensity, high-sweat workout. Some love it because when things get sore, you know you really tired out those muscles, while others hate it, because, well, pain. Stretching is key both before and after engaging in any sort of exercise, but there’s another, oftentimes forgotten, warm-up and cooldown step that can effectively help relieve muscle aches and tightness: foam rolling.

A foam roller isn’t something that you can always easily throw into your gym bag, though. Some are bulky, some are heavy, and others are just too long to fit into an average-sized carryall — but Lucy Hale recently introduced us to a game-changing workout accessory that’ll make foam rolling on the go a breeze: Mobot’s Firecracker Foam Roller Water Bottle, which is, as the name would suggest, a water bottle and a foam roller in one. Basically, it’s hydration and a massage in one —  and it’s bound to enhance your workouts so much that you might never again leave the house without it, just like Hale.  

Mobot’s Firecracker Bottle is shaped like any ol’ water bottle. It’s made from 100 percent recycled stainless steel, is BPA free, and has a straw that makes sipping while working out or walking super easy. That said, it doesn’t look like any ‘ol stainless steel water bottle because its recycled steel is actually wrapped up in high-density, non toxic foam that’s lumpy and bumpy. Said lumps and grooves are meant to hit those hard-to-get spots on the body and help to release troublesome knots caused by workouts, muscle tension, or stress. The benefits of foam rolling even just a few minutes a day? Increased blood flow and mobility, plus decreased soreness.

With this genius workout accessory, foam rolling is sure to become a regular part of your daily exercise routine — and you will 100 percent feel its positive effects on your body. Below, scoop up the celeb-approved water bottle and get ready to roll away all that tension in your neck, back, and calves while staying hydrated, too. 


Buy It! Mobot Firecracker Foam Roller Water Bottle, $39.99;;

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