For Leo signs (July 23-Aug. 22), here's what to expect in 2020 when it comes to love, friendship, work and health
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Leos are happiest when you’re center stage. Your talent, warmth and enthusiasm shines bright and other people can’t help but be dazzled by you. Just like a lion (the symbol of your sign), you can also be a bit bossy—good thing you’ve got so much charm!

Famous Leos: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, Barack Obama, Meghan Markle

Ideal Friend: Sagittari (Christina Applegate, Rita Ora, DJ Khaled, Mark Ruffalo) have the same zest for life that you have and will also encourage you to be even more creative.

Love Match: The big personality of a Gemini (Heidi Klum, Amy Schumer, Tom Holland, Kendrick Lamar) suits you nicely. You’re both independent and love to socialize, but also appreciate connecting during quieter moments.

2020 At a Glance: You are ready to buckle down and cross a lot of things off your life’s to-do list. Whether it’s gunning for a promotion, redecorating your home, or starting that side hustle you’ve been dreaming of—you’ll make some serious progress.

Jennifer Lopez Chris Hemsworth Meghan Markle
Famous Leos Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth and Meghan Markle
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Work: This year is full of opportunities for you. The catch? They may not be as apparent as you’d like. Spend plenty of time networking and keep your ears open. Before you know it, you’ll hear of something that could really change the trajectory of your career.

Love: Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll be tempted to ignore your love life. Afterall, you’ve got tons going on in other areas. But don’t neglect romance too much. Make time for a few special dates. Human connection is what feeds your soul!

Health: You’re inspired to make a big change in regards to your diet—good for you! Maybe you want to cut back on red meat or tone down your carb intake. Whatever it is, you’ll have the motivation to really stick with it.