Including egg-shaped Oreos and fun surprise toys

By Christina Butan
April 02, 2020 07:00 PM
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In case you weren’t aware, Easter is just 10 days away. Even if social distancing is preventing you from seeing loved ones this year, you can still catch up over video chat and send a few treats or gifts their way. If the holiday has snuck up on you and you’ve found yourself a little underprepared, don’t fret: There are tons of last-minute essentials you can shop online that will make it to your doorstep by next week.

Not only can you still buy a handful of Easter gifts, candy, and decor just in time, but many items are on sale, too. From this adorable Snoopy basket to this pretty hand-painted candle, so many goodies are under $10. Plus, you can snag must-have treats like this limited-edition Oreo Easter Egg and the classic Kinder Joy Easter Egg for pocket change.

Below, we rounded up our favorite Easter home and kitchen products, candy and treats, and gifts for kids that will make it in time for the big day. Hop to it!

Home and Kitchen

Treats and Candy