Genius Group Halloween Costumes That'll Turn Heads at Every Halloween Party

Get inspired by these creative costumes you wish you thought of yourself

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Roller Coaster

Group Halloween Costumes
Ashley Weideman

This group of teachers schooled their students on the art of DIY Halloween costumes with their tourists on a sham-rocket roller coaster creation. This crafty crew gets an A+.

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Beer Pong

Group Halloween Costumes
Stephanie Starr

This group of athletes brought every college student's favorite pastime to life with their human beer pong costumes. Can we take a shot??

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Group Halloween Costumes
Charmaine Ng

Would you go head-to-head with this trio for a round of life-size rock, paper, scissors?

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Inside Out Characters

Group Halloween Costumes
Claire Dossin

This friend group, who dressed up as characters from Pixar's Inside Out, is giving us all the feels.

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Google Maps

Group Halloween Costumes
Ronica Romig

Celebrating Halloween at the office doesn't give you an excuse to slack on your costume ideas: just look at this creative take on Google Maps.

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Hunter & Her Animal-Head Mounts

Group Halloween Costumes
Ronica Romig

These colleagues hit a solid bullseye with these exceptional costumes and punny hunting captions: "unbearable," "oh deer!" and "for fox sake ..."

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The 'Drive-Thru Crew'

Group Halloween Costumes
Ronica Romig

For their third annual group get-ups, these colleagues went as famous fast food figures — The Burger King, a female version of Ronald McDonald, Wendy from Wendy's and KFC's Colonel Sanders.

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Group Halloween Costumes
Alex Erwin

If you want your costumes to be both clever and comfortable, take a cue from these creatives who doubled as dominoes.

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Taylor Swifts from Different Eras

Group Halloween Costume
Hannah Celeste

"The old Taylors can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh ‘cuz they’re dead from their epic Halloween party," Instagram user Abby Bruner captioned this epic shot of her and her fellow Swifties recreating some of the singer's most memorable moments — including Swift's iconic Red tour outfit and an all-black ensemble in honor of her 2017 Reputation album.

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Hannah Hurlburt of The Good Witch Clothing
Hannah Hurlburt of The Good Witch Clothing

Calling all Beatles fans: feast your eyes on designer and producer Hannah Hurlburt of The Good Witch Clothing's custom Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr costumes. This fierce foursome totally rock.

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