Here's a List of All the Skills You Can Learn for Free While Social Distancing

Because when else do you have time to take a ballet class?

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Due to social distancing, many of us have more free time now than we have ever had before. While there’s absolutely no pressure to be out here writing the next bestseller, it’s nice to have something to do other than eat all of your snacks and watch approximately 9,000 hours of TV and movies.


Here are a few free classes that you can take to make the most out of your social distancing.

Learn to play an instrument with Fender

There’s no shame in having an acoustic guitar you bought when you were in high school that you haven’t touched since then. Now’s the time to pick it up, though! Fender is offering free guitar, ukulele and bass classes online for the next three months for the first 100,000 people to sign up!

Become a master chef

The Kitchn offers virtual cooking lessons that cover everything from knife skills and chopping garlic to how to properly sauté. The BBC also has an archive of videos at the ready! The New York Times has free video materials to help you become proficient in the kitchen, and their recipes never disappoint.

When in doubt, check Facebook or YouTube! For example, while takeout may not be an option for you at the moment, Seonkyoung Longest has free videos to help you master Asian cuisine, and even offers live cooking classes.

The possibilities are endless and the meals are about to be delish. You won’t have Gordon Ramsay over your shoulder yelling at you, but maybe you can recruit a friend or family member to make it feel authentic.

Become a prima ballerina with NYC Ballet’s principal dancer, Tiler Peck

The ballerina hops (or should we say leaps?) onto Instagram Live each day for a class she calls Turning Out with Tiler and gives her followers a ballet lesson. Why not become a graceful swan while social distancing, and wow your friends in a few months?

Learn a new language with your kiddo using Rosetta Stone

There’s a reason the language-learning app has been around for so long. Now, Rosetta Stone is offering free language classes for the next three months to students while they’re not in school during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Learn to paint, use Photoshop, do calligraphy and more with Brit + Co

There are a ton of courses to choose from at all different levels. Feeling creative? Try watercolors for beginners! Craving sweets? Learn how to decorate cakes and cookies like a pro! You can even learn how to make your planner as enviable as that of your favorite Instagram influencer. Getting creative while social distancing is a great way to relax and try something new. Classes are free until March 31.

Get really good at coloring

adult colouring in book

Picasso who? You’re the next great artiste and you know it! More than 100 museums, libraries and galleries are offering free, printable coloring sheets. So grab your kid’s colored pencils or crayons and get coloring. Don’t forget to put them on the fridge for all to admire!

Become a coder

FreeCodeCamp is offering a free coding course for people who are bored at home and want to feel like Mr. Robot.

Take an Ivy League college course for free

Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central, compiled a list of more than 450 courses you could be taking for free right now. If nothing else, next time someone asks you why you have a sweatshirt from Harvard, your joke about going there — when you really just stopped in Boston for the weekend — won’t be a joke at all.

Become the next great American playwright

Playwright Lauren Gunderson is teaching a course via Facebook Live that will teach you the ins and outs of playwriting. Shakespeare is shaking in his boots.

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