According to the CDC, face shields can be helpful in protecting against the coronavirus when used with a face mask

By Tanya Ghahremani
July 31, 2020 12:05 PM
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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control has recommended wearing cloth facial coverings that cover both the wearer’s nose and mouth while in public settings like the grocery store. The CDC has also reported that face shields — in addition to a face mask — can offer further protection.

In a study published in June 2020 in medical journal The Lancet by doctors at McMaster University in Canada, face shields were proven to be effective when used in conjunction with face masks because “eye protection might result in a large reduction in virus infection.” Similarly, a 2014 study about the use of face shields by doctors treating influenza patients by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported that “face shields provide a useful adjunct to respiratory protection for workers caring for patients with respiratory infections.

“However, they cannot be used as a substitute for respiratory protection when it is needed,” the study continued. Essentially, if you use a face shield, make sure you’re wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth under it as well.

In accordance with that guidance, many people have begun wearing face shields as an extra precaution against coronavirus. There are tons of options around the internet — all of which are selling fast — and so it might be difficult to figure out which is best for you. Do you go for the plain shield, or the shield that comes with a hat? Or what about disposable versus reusable?

To cut down on search time, we put together a list of the best face shields for adults on the internet.


This face shield comes with a baseball hat, which can be detached at your convenience for easy cleaning — and of course, you can just wear the hat without the shield. The plastic is made of PVC material that will keep any and all droplets away from your face, and it’s highly transparent, so you don’t have to worry about distorted vision. The best part? It’s available with Prime shipping for only $12 right now.

Buy It! Cosweet Protective Hat with Face Mask, $11.99 (orig. $13.99);


Another face shield/hat option, this one comes with a bucket hat attached to it —  its seven color choices include black, blue, and red. The hat is made of natural cotton linen that’s waterproof, while the removable shield is made of clear plastic. The shield extends past the wearer’s ears, so it offers more coverage than most.

Buy It! Docila Waterproof Bucket Hats, $20.99;


This six-pack of face shields with over 700 five-star reviews looks a lot like the ones you see healthcare professionals wearing. These don’t come with a hat attachment, but rather a band to affix around your head that’s lined with a foam fixture to ensure comfort and prevent irritation. The plastic shield can be trimmed to size if it’s too big for your head.

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These face shield visors are anti-fog, so moisture from your breath won’t obstruct your vision (especially if you’re wearing a mask). A 10-pack is only $12, which is a little over a dollar per shield — not a bad deal for extra protection. This option is scheduled to ship in September.

Buy It! Safety Face Shield, All-Round Protection Cap, $12.18 (orig. $14);


Interestingly, these face shields come with glasses attached to them, so instead of using a band to keep the shield around your head, you just have to wear the glasses. This not only offers extra eye protection — it’s another plastic barrier, after all — but also more comfort for anyone who may not enjoy having a band wrapped around their head for long periods of time. This shield is also anti-fog.

Buy It! ArtToFrames Protective Face Shield, $9.99;


Not only does this best-seller on Amazon have a large plastic shield attached to it that extends past the wearer’s ears, but it also has a detachable chin strap to help keep everything firmly in place while you’re out and about. The hat itself is made from 100 percent cotton, meaning it’ll be breathable and cool even if you’re wearing it in hot weather. And it’s UPF 50+, meaning it’s similar to wearing sunscreen that blocks out 95 percent of harmful UV rays from the sun.

Buy It! Comhats Womens UPF50+, $25;

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