Add happiness and inspiration to your feed thanks to these dancing kings and queens

By Diane J. Cho
April 09, 2020 04:12 PM
dancers to follow
Credit: LYLE BENIGA/Instagram

Feeling bored at home? Has practicing social distancing made you want to become a Tik Tok star?

Before you hit the Toosie Slide from Drake, slay the Savage Challenge from Megan Thee Stallion or cut up the Come Around Me Challenge from Justin Bieber, get all of the inspo and dance tips you’ll need from these professional dancers who deserve an instant follow.

Johnny Blaze

Johnny “J Blaze” Erasme has danced for everyone, from Chris Brown to Usher. Catch him and his siblings eating up Bieber’s Come Around Me Challenge and watch him get down in the singer’s latest music video for his hit song “Yummy” here.

Parris Goebel

The hottest, most sought-after dancer-choreographer has an Instagram page overflowing with concept videos, rehearsal footage for megastars including Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez, and high-energy class footage that’ll blow you away.

Ysabelle Capitulé

This viral dancer needs no introduction. Just press play and witness the skill, style and star power Ysabelle Capitulé exudes in every single combination she obliterates with a smile.

Delaney Glazer

Some people were born to dance, and Delaney Glazer is one of them. Her class footage is consistently inspiring and shows just how much hard work goes into making the most difficult routines look easy.

Katrina Endozo

Co-owner of The Hive Dance Studio in Rahway, New Jersey, Katrina Endozo has created a haven for dancers who want to build a strong foundation in dance with the support of the tremendous New Jersey dance community.

Keone Madrid

Precision, detail, commitment — these are just a few ways to describe Keone Madrid’s artistry. The man is a genius, period. And so is his wife and dance partner, Mariel Madrid.

Vinh Nguyen

Have you mastered all the Tik Tok dances and want more of a challenge? Tune into Vinh Nguyen of the dance group Kinjaz‘s Instagram Live classes, where you can join thousands of others as you learn to groove at home.

Taiwan Williams

Fan-favorite dance instructor Taiwan Williams will awaken the natural dancer inside of you. His feel-good routines won’t feel like routines at all once you learn them for yourself (which you can do for only $10 here).

Alice Wu

Start your week off right with #MamaWuMondays. Alice Wu has the most exciting beginner classes held on Mondays and Tuesdays at the House of Movement dance studio in New York City. Since COVID-19 has dancers on lockdown, scroll through her steady stream of class clips and start learning from home.

Sean Bankhead

Remember when Normani’s “Motivation” music video broke the internet? You can thank Sean Bankhead for that. After choreographing for big acts like Britney Spears and Drake and performing with legends like Missy Elliot, you would think Bankhead wouldn’t have much left to accomplish, but when you’re as dedicated as he is, there’s no peak — there’s just more progression.

Tony Tzar

Fans are often in awe of Tony Tzar and his ability to tune out the world and project from his soul through his movement. Take away all of your distractions and focus in on the artist’s stunning freestyle clips. There’s really nothing quite like them.

Jose “Boyboi” Tena

Another undeniable artist whose work can truly transport the mind is The Bronx’s own Boyboi. Every movement serves a purpose, every choice is made with a distinct intention — to get to this level of artistry takes years and years of dedication to the craft. Boyboi is dance.

Mike Song

Always cooking up something creative with a dash of humor, Mike Song’s Instagram is the perfect antidote to cure your quarantine blues. Watch his delightful take on his #staytheFhomechallenge and pass it on to a friend.

Lyle Beniga

It’s really baffling how dancers have not been given the opportunity to headline their own stadium tours in the U.S. yet. Superstar dancer Lyle Beniga could easily pack N.Y.C.’s Madison Square Garden and keep the crowd hype for hours with the endless string of classic choreography pieces he’s created and performed over the years. For now, you can get a front row seat to his performances on his Instagram.

Anthony Lee

The funniest man on Instagram also dances. His name is Anthony Lee, and when he’s not creating intricate choreography for his dance group Kinjaz, he’s making hysterical #KinjazKouch routines with fellow dancer Charles Nguyen.

Rie Hata

Japan’s Queen of Swag Rie Hata will bring you all of the vibrant, high energy, positive vibes you need in your life right now. The woman is an international legend that will feed your IG feed with nothing but jaw-dropping entertainment and unmatched style.

Mark Salud

Looking to strengthen your fundamentals? Want to have a well-rounded dance education? The Hive Dance Studio‘s Mark Salud is the ideal teacher who can help deconstruct your favorite dance moves so you can understand how to execute the basics, and build up your skills. In addition to class clips, Salud adds helpful demonstrations on his Instagram Highlights that are easy to follow.

Melvin Timtim

The Emmy-nominated choreographer and visionary behind SRank dance always operates on beast mode. Melvin Timtim’s boundless creativity and insane Instagram clips may only exacerbate your bad habit of always being on your phone.