For Cancer signs (June 21-July 22), here's what to expect in 2020 when it comes to love, friendship, work and health
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Cancers are guarded and private, which can make it tricky for others to get to know you. But once they do, they see that you’re a big softy. Family is of the utmost importance to you and you are extremely sensitive. Because you care so much about others, you expect the same of those around you. If someone lets you down, you aren’t afraid to show the full force of Cancer’s terrible temper.

Famous Cancers: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Busy Phillips, 50 Cent, Chris Pratt, Milo Ventimiglia, Khloé Kardashian

Ideal Friend: You’ll appreciate just how loyal a Scorpio (Ciara, Kendall Jenner, Sean Combs, Joaquin Phoenix) can be when it comes to friendship and they’ll love your desire to nurture and take care of them—something they have a tough time doing for themselves.

Love Match: With family being so important to you, it’s important to find someone who feels the same way. That’s what makes coupling up with a Taurus (Cate Blanchett, Tina Fey, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson) perfect.

2020 At a Glance: Two full moons make an appearance in your sign this year, making it a great time to evaluate relationships of all kind. Do you really want to keep taking on work for your slacker coworker? Have you told that special someone just how special they are? This is the year to nourish the bonds that matter and cut loose the ones that don’t.

Selena Gomez Khloe Kardashian Ariana Grande
Famous Cancers Selena Gomez, Khloé Kardashian and Ariana Grande
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Work: At times, the year ahead will be difficult. The people you work closely with may have a different vision than you do, which could lead to some pretty serious disagreements. Remember, staying calm and explaining your rationale is the best way to get people to see your side.

Love: For those flying solo, be on the lookout for an old flame to swing back into your life. Proceed with caution, they haven’t changed quite as much as they’d like you to believe. If you’re in a serious relationship, old issues will resurface. Remember, you got through to them once before and can do it again with some patience and clear communication.

Health: During the second half of the year, you’ll feel a bit burnt out. Surround yourself with people who energize you and, before you know it, you’ll be feeling upbeat again.