It also comes with a built-in wireless charger

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Cahot UV Light Phone Sanitizer Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Germaphobes, rejoice! While disinfecting wipes and other go-to cleaners may still be difficult to find in stores, this Amazon find is an affordable and reusable alternative — and it’s currently marked down. 

One of Amazon’s most affordable light sanitizers, Cahot’s portable UV light sanitizer box, is on sale and going for just $40. The lightweight gadget also doubles as a charger for your phone, wireless earbuds, and other wireless-charging devices.  

Phone Sanitizer on Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Cahot UV Light Sanitizer, $39.99 (orig. $59.99);

The UV sanitizer, which weighs just one pound, is roomy enough to fit a phone, wallet, smartwatch, car keys, sunglasses, headphones, and other small objects. Users can choose from two settings: a quick 18-minute cleaning or a more thorough 30-minute session. Once the machine is finished, the light will automatically turn off when the lid is opened, and then you can use the built-in magnetic charger to power your devices. 

The portable box is perfect for disinfecting your phone and other essentials after a long day of errands, commuting, or travel. It’s designed to eliminate germs and other icky microbes, like E. Coli (Escherichia coli) and even fungus, that you don’t want to spread around your house. And FYI, you may notice that after each cleaning, your devices tend to give off a very subtle charcoal-like smell, but the scent should dissipate within a few moments.  

Amazon shoppers love its sleek shape and size, which makes it easy to pack in a purse or suitcase. And while nothing can replace efforts like hand washing and using hand sanitizer when you’re out and about (per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations), shoppers appreciate its overall usefulness, claiming it’s just one of many helpful items to add to your cleaning routine for more peace of mind.

 “I love that there is something out there to sanitize not only cell phones, but keys, glasses, and remotes without harsh products,” one reviewer wrote. “This machine is the perfect size to do all of this.”

“Love putting my mask, keys, and iPhone in this every time I come home — and the charger is a bonus,” another reviewer added. 

Amazon has dozens of other light-enabled phone sanitizers from brands like PhoneSoap, Homedics, and Coral UV, which retail upwards of $150. There are several sizes and other features offered, but if you’re after the best deal, this $40 markdown is currently the best you’ll find. 

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